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Portable Nebulizer Machine To Inhale Medicines Conveniently!


Have you been looking to invest in a multifunctional device used to inhale respiratory medicines conveniently? Are you aware of a portable nebulizer machine that is gaining much hype in the market these days? If you are wondering what a portable nebulizer machine is, keep reading along to learn more. 

What is a portable nebulizer?

A portable nebulizer is a machine that is primarily designed to create a mist out of liquid medication. The liquid medication is easier to inhale and can be absorbed conveniently directly to the lungs. As per convenience, you can choose to buy the battery operated or electricity run versions of a nebulizer. Since the device is portable, you can carry it anytime, anywhere.  

What is a portable nebulizer made up of?

Regardless of the type of nebulizer, they are made of four primary components including:


  • The base of the nebulizer, which holds an air compressor
  • A container in the bottom for holding liquid medication
  • A tube that connects the air compressor to the bottom container
  • A mouthpiece or mask used to inhale the liquid medicine from the container

How to use a portable nebulizer?

While suffering from respiratory illnesses, it becomes highly essential to heal under the supervision of an expert specialist. The doctor will guide you to follow the specific instructions for your treatment. It is important to take your medication as prescribed while using a portable nebulizer. The complete treatment sessions take around 10 to 15 minutes. Here are the sequenced steps to use a nebulizer:

  1. Clean all the pieces of the nebulizer individually and dry them in the open air.
  2. Connect all the parts together and pour your liquid medication into the medicine cup.
  3. Attach the mouthpiece or mask to the bottom container. 
  4. Switch on the nebulizer to ensure that it is misting properly. 
  5. Put the mask or mouthpiece securely around your nose and mouth.
  6. Keep breathing slowly without making any extra efforts to traverse the medicine directly into the lungs. 

How to care and maintain your portable nebulizer machine?

Since the nebulizer machine or its mouthpiece will be in direct contact with your mouth, it is essential to thoroughly sanitize it after each use. If not cleaned correctly, bacteria and other germs are likely to grow inside it. To start the cleaning process, use hot, soapy water after each use. In addition, deep cleaning and disinfection of the handheld nebulizer should also be done on a weekly basis. Note that, rather than drying the device with towels, it is always advisable to let all the parts of the nebulizer air dry. 

Storage tips for a nebulizer: 

Once all the parts of the nebulizer are cleaned and dried in the air, store them all in an airtight plastic container or bag. Store the container in a cool and dry place that is free from dust or bacteria. 


A portable handheld nebulizer is a machine that is primarily designed to transform liquid medication into mist particles. These particles are easy to inhale, allowing easy absorption into the lungs. Invest in the premium quality portable handheld nebulizer to make it last longer. 


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