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Farmhouse style is most certainly having a moment. You have many options. Please take a look at them all to choose the one that suits you best. 

Because the beauty of farmhouse style, as opposed to more specific styles like mid-century modern or art deco, is that it encompasses a large amount of aesthetics. Some materials are universally used in farmhouse kitchens, but others can be tailored to your taste. So, these farmhouse kitchen design elements can be incorporated to create these styles. Could you keep it simple and save it? So, you can incorporate farmhouse style into any space by thinking comfortable and functional. So, this blog contains three sections of a farmhouse kitchen.

  1. Features of a farmhouse kitchen
  2. Common farmhouse kitchen materials & colors
  3. Tips and ideas for farmhouse Fabuwood cabinets

Features of a farmhouse kitchen:

You can mix and match. Farmhouse style is all about personalizing a space. So, these are the main features of a farmhouse kitchen.

1. A farmhouse sink:

A farmhouse sink is often more extensive than a standard one. The apron’s front name suggests that it drapes over you buy Forevermark cabinets to give them a bold look. Although these sinks are usually made from white porcelain, you can also find them in other styles, such as dark or metallic. So, this sink will look great in any farmhouse kitchen design, regardless of the color.

2. Hardwood floors:

A farmhouse design is a perfect reason to add beautiful hardwood to your kitchen. So, the traditional farmhouse kitchen doesn’t typically use tile or any other flooring that you might find in different styles.

3. Wood countertops:

You can bring the natural look of hardwood floors to your countertops. So, to add variety and functionality to your counters, you can use butcher block countertops in one place, such as an island. It will still fit your theme.

4. Long table:

A farmhouse kitchen is a great place to celebrate the tradition of large meals. So, a large farmhouse table is ideal for those who entertain frequently or have a large family. So, this table can be used again with natural wood elements or creatively with different materials.

5. Subway tile backsplash:

Subway tile can be used to continue the lines of your wood and shiplap floors. You can choose from a classic look or a modern and chic design with black subway tile.

6. Pendant lights:

Your farmhouse kitchen will be brightened up, and your style will shine through. So, hanging pendant lights with darker metal finishes are a great way to add rustic charm. So, your kitchen lighting can be a focal point in a modern farmhouse kitchen. It will enhance the look with clean lines.

However, small decorative touches throughout the space will make it more alive. After your farmhouse kitchen is completed, add details such as:

  • Mason jars or glass milk bottles
  • Woven baskets
  • Wooden crates
  • A chalkboard
  • Window treatments in soft colors
  • Utensil crocks with a handmade feel

Let your personality shine through in your kitchen decorations. These more miniature decorations can be easily removed or changed later if you wish to change your style. So, these pieces should be carefully curated. Look for vintage items at antique shops and flea markets to add authenticity to your kitchen. You will find the right balance between eclectic pieces and a finished product.

So, think about which colors and palettes would work best in your farmhouse-style kitchen. Although covered some of the most common colors and materials used in farmhouse kitchen design elements, you will find it helpful to be aware of all your options.

Tips and ideas for farmhouse Fabuwood cabinets:

When it comes to the type of cabinets to select, consider:

1. Straight lines and clean lines:

Modern farmhouse kitchens benefit from clean lines. You can choose from a flat front or with some framed details to create something contemporary. So, to add modern flair to your farmhouse kitchen, you can install white or grey cabinets.

2. Complex details and curves:

Choose Fabuwood cabinets with curved features for a farmhouse or rustic look. You can also add corbels, legs, or feet to create this look.

3. Paneled cabinets:

These cabinets, also known as bead boards, are reminiscent of a cottage aesthetic. Panels can be used to create a farmhouse-style kitchen. So, cabinets can be made with an utterly paneled front, in contrast to an inlaid board for a classic and sleek look.

4. Fabuwood cabinets:

This model features a recessed panel at the center. Fabuwood cabinets in Columbus are more detailed than flat surfaces but still look clean. So, this versatile option can be modernized or traditional, depending on what hardware you choose for your farmhouse kitchen.

5. Beveled edges:

Choose angled edges with greater detail for a more sophisticated trim. These cabinets are popular in French and French farmhouse kitchens due to their traditional and elegant design. These cabinets are an excellent choice for people who want to make their cabinets stand out.

6. Glass doors:

Upper cabinets feature panels of glass that show off your shelves stylishly and charmingly. So, these doors will give your farmhouse kitchen an open, sophisticated feel.

7. Mix of styles:

For visual interest, mix straight lines on the top and curved ones at the bottom. Depending on how you accent them or other features, this combination of designs can match any farmhouse-style kitchen. So, you can create a farmhouse kitchen design by combining different pieces and adding accents.

Common farmhouse kitchen materials & colors:

You can modify the design of a farmhouse kitchen to suit your taste. You might consider these colors for your room:

  • Cream
  • White
  • Light blue
  • Navy blue
  • Grey
  • Olive green

This list doesn’t cover all your options. You can experiment with many color combinations until you find the one that best suits you and your farmhouse kitchen style. So, different styles and tastes will suit different undertones. For example, cool-toned greys or grays will make a farmhouse kitchen look more modern styled, while warm and cozy tones will make it feel more rustic. To achieve the perfect balance, mix different colors in your kitchen. When planning your color palette, consider what colors are available in different materials. 

  • Wicker or rattan
  • Galvanized metal
  • Copper, gold, or a mixture of both
  • Warm wood tones
  • Unfinished and reclaimed wood
  • Wood or paint that has been distressed
  • Gingham or plaid
  • Lace and delicate fabrics
  • Floral and other classic patterns


It’s a farmhouse kitchen that you have seen in magazines and on every home renovation show. So, with its cozy vibe, vintage elements, and versatile style, it’s a perfect match for all tastes. Columbus cabinet city can help you recreate the look in your home if you love it but don’t know-how.  You can create a farmhouse kitchen in many different styles, depending on the materials you use.

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