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Top LMS Software boosted with AI


If you run a business organization, you’ll probably know about what LMS software is and how it helps companies to execute their administrative work with ease. It primarily helps companies, especially the ones belonging to the academic sector, in creating e-learning courses and related areas. The learning and development sector, or L&D, primarily works on running this software, and this tool works on managing the training programs.

As mentioned, it is predominantly used in the academic sectors, especially in schools and colleges. In most educational institutes, it serves as a student fee management system and also works on handling several other sensitive tasks in the administrative area. Using LMS has overall made executing education easier, especially in the present generation, where almost everything has gone to virtual mode.

Well, using learning management systems is a bit of fun as it makes learning easier. But what makes it even better is an LMS software boosted with AI. This means with extra features and voice controls, the use of LMS will be more than ever. Though not every LMS system consists of an AI, some of them do. Check out the top of them in the sections below.


If you’re talking about an AI-based learning management system, then E-Khool strikes first on the list. And indeed, the software is India’s first lms software that has AI integration, which is majorly used in schools, colleges, universities, and several other educational institutions. 

It helps the learners learn the course they have chosen with great efficiency, as courses can be accessed anytime and anywhere from this tool, and proper guidance is also administered to the learners. It is known for delivering programs primarily on engineering and science, and the modules included in this LMS software are the admin panel and student portal.

Abara LMS

This is a mobile-first LMS software that is specially framed for e-learning as well as corporate training and given access to some excellent features. It fits the best with large enterprises and small businesses, and it bears the method of mobile-first in the HTML user interface, and the best part is devices like iPads, desktops and even android phones offer access to it. This LMS software is modern, has a simple interface, scalable, and helps deliver learning irrespective of the time and place. It focuses on enabling dynamic learning and development by authorizing trainers, learners, partners, employees, and customers.


If you are looking for fast online training but, at the same time, affordable, then Courseplay is the best option to go for. This LMS system greatly helps to guide, check as well as trail the students of an organization, along with the customers and employees. If you’re running a small or a large organization, then it will help you decrease the training cost, and you can even increase the capacity of your training. Companies even opt for this app with the significant motive of guiding new hires with ease and making the onboarding process smooth.

Olive LMS

Another decent LMS software that consists of AI functions is Olive LMS. The interface of this learning management system authorizes the school council and modernizes almost all the procedures that are related to education. The motive of this software is to promote e-learning in education, as well as the surroundings of digital classrooms. Also, to create learning outside the classroom, simple as well as interesting. Due to the interesting trait, it is highly organized and used in several schools and colleges. It also delivers a great fee management system.


WizIQ comes among the unique learning management systems in this list, as it is not only boosted with AI, but it comes among the cloud-based type. This teaching cum learning platform greatly guides the learners, students, employees as well as customers via online and hybrid courses. It is also a mobile-ready platform, having a simple interface, i.e., easy to configure. Besides, WizIQ LMS is also known for serving self-paced, live online, and combined courses and fulfills the requirements of the next-generation learners.

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