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Ukbased Moonpig 491m Ipogopinathbloomberg


Ukbased Moonpig 491m Ipogopinathbloomberg – Moonpig, the UK-based online greeting card company, is slowly making its way to the list of the most successful British start-ups, with a market value of £491 million. This impressive figure is supported by a strong investment from the venture capital arm of Ipogo. The valuation came after their IPO on the London Stock Exchange, making it one of the very few UK tech companies to have become publicly traded. 

History of MoonPig

MoonPig started off as a small home office based project in 1999, founded by former hotel general manger Nick Jenkins. The company’s first product was a basic web-based service that allowed users to create and personalize hard copy greetings cards, which could then be posted to the recipient. With its simple yet innovative concept, the business quickly gained traction and developed into an eCommerce empire.

Expansion and Growth

In 2005, MoonPig raised an investment of £2 million from venture capital companies, allowing the business to expand further into the international market. With the increasing demand for unique, personalised items, the company continued to thrive and eventually went public in 2021.

Ipogo Acquires Majority Share

In 2020, MoonPig announced that Ipogo had purchased a majority hold of the company in an £238 million investment. Ipogo is well-known for investing in innovative tech companies and aiding them in their growth, with over 40 companies in its portfolio. This partnership with MoonPig has already seen great results, evidenced by their £491 million market capitalisation at the IPO.

Impact of IPO on MoonPig

MoonPig’s success on the stock exchange follows in the footsteps of other tech giants such as Deliveroo, who achieved a valuation of £7.6 billion earlier this year. The IPO also serves as a sign of confidence for investors; the market value is believed to be around seven times more than their previous value just a year ago.

Looking Ahead

MoonPig is now looking towards a period of growth, as well as exploring both the digital and physical market. The company is expected to expand into the US market and is looking to explore the potential of venturing into other gift items, such as flowers and champagne. With Ipogo’s vast experience in aiding businesses to reach their potential, MoonPig is on its way to becoming a leading force in the tech world.

Marketing Strategy

MoonPig has established a comprehensive marketing strategy, with heavy investment in digital and search engine marketing. The company has made use of their presence on social media platforms to increase public awareness, as well as reaching out to prospective customers through targeted ad campaigns. This strategy has seen an increase in sales, with an estimated 20-25% annual growth in 2020.

Strong Business Model

MoonPig’s business model of personalising products has proved successful for the start-up, as customers are drawn to the concept for its uniqueness. The pricing model is clear, allowing customers to purchase products in a matter of minutes without any confusion. What’s more, the company’s website is user-friendly and intuitive, enabling customers to peruse the selection without any hassle. 

Omni-Channel Presence

In addition to its online presence, MoonPig also maintains an omni-channel presence, offering its products through retail outlets as well as leveraging its social media channels. This allows customers to purchase products in a range of ways, as well as providing a platform for customer engagement and promoting brand loyalty.

Customer Service

MoonPig’s customer service has been praised for its responsiveness and efficiency. The company offers customers the option to contact them through online chat or email, as well as having a dedicated phone line. MoonPig’s customer support team is available to answer any questions or queries related to products or services.

Continued Investment

Since its creation in 1999, MoonPig has always received substantial investment to grow its business. The injection of funds from Ipogo allowed for greater expansion, with the company focusing on both digital and physical expansion into the US market. With continued investment, MoonPig is sure to become a leader in the online greeting card industry.


Since it first appeared in 1999, MoonPig has gone from strength to strength, achieving a market capitalisation of £491 million after its IPO. With the backing of Ipogo, the company has been able to explore both the physical and digital markets. It has also developed a strong presence on social media, helping to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty. MoonPig is on the path to becoming a leading force in the world of online greeting cards.

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Q1. What is MoonPig?

A: MoonPig is an online greeting card company based in the UK. 


Q2. How much was Ipogo’s investment in MoonPig? 

A: Ipogo invested £238 million in MoonPig in 2020. 


Q3. What is ukbased moonpig 491m ipogopinathbloomberg?

A: Ukbased moonpig 491m ipogopinathbloomberg is an article about the success of the UK-based online greeting card company, which is estimated to have a market value of £491 million. 


Q4. About ukbased moonpig london ipogopinathbloomberg.

A: Ukbased Moonpig London Ipogopinathbloomberg is an article about the UK-based online greeting card company, which has recently achieved a market value of £491 million after its IPO on the London Stock Exchange.


Q5. What is moonpig london 491m ipogopinathbloomberg?

A: Moonpig London 491m Ipogopinathbloomberg is an article about the successful UK-based online greeting card company, which is valued at £491 million, and has achieved this figure after its IPO on the London Stock Exchange.

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