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Top 4 Ways to Use Instagram Hashtags for Brand Exposure


Instagram wouldn’t be Instagram without hashtags. They can do anything, from helping you reach a wider audience and make new contacts to monitoring user-generated content (UGC) and starting discussions. Using the correct hashtag strategies to increase interaction and fan base is crucial.

Recently, Instagram added the option to follow hashtags in addition to other users. Everyone may now follow their favorite topics, from #adorabledogs to #fastcars. You can reach those who haven’t heard of you yet by figuring out which hashtags they use and then posting content related to those hashtags.

Hashtags with somewhat general topics, like #fashion or #tourism, tend to have the largest number of followers. Find several top-performing hashtags that are relevant to your company, and start using them more regularly.

Community-based topics, like #breakingbad or #anime, that appeal to a specific audience can also be very successful.  Now that we’ve covered the importance of hashtags, let’s take a look at four different ways your company can improve its usage of these marketing goodies.

Just Keep It Clear and Useful

When selecting a hashtag for your next post, make sure it is something that people are looking for and can easily memorize.

There are a great number of hashtags dispersed over the social media landscape. Hashtags that are hard to spell or pronounce are less likely to be successful. Yet, you won’t go far with a hashtag that’s hard to understand, never used, or too general. The best hashtags are succinct, easy to remember, and simple to type. The subject matter of the discussion should be instantly obvious to the viewer.

The trick is to zero down on issues that really interest your target demographic. You need to look for hashtags that are already being used in conversations and that are relevant to the material you produce and your business. If you’re having trouble finding hashtags related to your brand, you can consider looking for the best hashtag generator Instagram tool available to help you in finding the most relevant hashtags for your profile.

Employ Several Location Hashtags to Increase Local Awareness

You may get more followers than ever before by using this one simple hashtag strategy. Using location-based hashtags is a wonderful method to engage with your community if you’re a local company. Consumers are likely to use the platform to find out about upcoming events and venues in their area since they like supporting local companies.

If you weren’t already on their radar, this could raise your exposure. Recent data shows that user interaction with posts that include a marked location is 79% greater than with posts that don’t include a tagged place.

If you own a small company in California, for example, you could use hashtags like these:

  • #ilovecali;
  • #california;
  • #LAshopping;
  • #calilocal;
  • #LAevent.

Whenever you make a post about your local business, try to include at least three relevant location-based hashtags. Using a wide variety of hashtags increases your chances of reaching members of your target demographic.

Use Interesting Hashtags to Get Instant Attention

Throw in a few humorous or tongue-in-cheek hashtags if it matches your brand. Add some flair to your profile and win over more visitors, increasing the likelihood of interaction. You can give your description a little additional oomph by including these hashtags, even if you don’t think many people would look for them. Using this method can also offer your company a credible, recognizable tone that customers will want to associate with and support.

If you really want people to see them, they should probably come first in the sequence of hashtags you’re using; the rest might just be filler. If you manage a local clothing brand, for instance, consider hashtag chains like #whosaidshoppingcantfixeverything #theylied #yesitcan. That may seem silly but it can work, and on some occasions, you may even see followers remark solely about the hashtags.

Add Branded Hashtags to Promote UGC Campaign Participation

Creating your own hashtag may be a great way to promote debate and keep tabs on it even when it moves outside the confines of your channel. For this reason, every major company uses hashtags, some of which contain the brand name itself like #MyCocaCola, and others like #redcupcontest, that refer to specific events or promotions.

A unique hashtag might also help you stand out from the crowd. Many companies have trouble gathering the user-generated content they need for brand promotion. Most clients, on the other hand, are eager to develop content; all they need are some guidelines.

Final Thoughts

If you want to increase your interaction and exposure on Instagram, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of hashtags. Do your homework, try out a few alternative approaches, and keep tabs on the stats to determine which hashtags end up being the most successful for you. This can be more fruitful than it has been in the past, especially with Instagram’s hashtag following function.

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