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What benefits you can get from a network of MLS agencies to sell your house?

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What if we told you that you can get the diffusion of putting your home for sale in several agencies at the same time but with the advantages of working with a single real estate agent? This is the fundamental characteristic on which the Calgary MLS is based, systems for sharing contracts for the Calgary houses for sale between all the real estate agencies belonging to the group.

In this way, when you decide to sell your home through a Calgary MLS, you will simultaneously be doing it in the rest of the agencies attached to it.

A sharing system with many advantages for owners:

1. Greater dissemination of your home

The main benefit is quite clear: the more real estate agencies have access to the Calgary houses for sale, the more likely it is to find a buyer for it. And we’re not just talking about volume; the databases of buyers of the collaborating agencies are qualified so that when a potential buyer is provided, it is a person really interested in the property and with the economic capacity to face the acquisition cost, via savings or mortgage loans.

2. A single real estate agent to contact

Although your home may be accessible in several real estate agencies at the same time, you as the owner will only have to contact one of them. Your assigned real estate agent will be in charge of asking you for all the necessary documentation related to the home, informing you about the entire sale process, advising you on the price, possibilities…. A single real estate agent that will make your sales process much more comfortable and simple.

3. They share resources

The information of each real estate will be shared among all the adhered agencies. Every time a real estate agent gets Calgary houses for sale, they will have the obligation to enter it in a shared database to which all real estate companies in the Calgary MLS will have access. But the Calgary MLS not only share exclusives, they also share information about the market, trends, training courses, technology… They work together to improve, not only the personal client portfolio but also that of the rest of the real estate agents since the benefit obtained will be shared.

4. Professionalism in service

The Calgary MLS have perfectly trained professionals to advise the owner throughout the sale process. Your assigned real estate agent will be in charge of advising you on the appropriate price for your home, the resources that you could promote in it to achieve a faster sale, the procedures related to the sale, contracts… A way to be accompanied throughout the process by a trusted person who will guide you through each step.

5. Save time

Selling a home on your own, usually takes time that sometimes we do not have. In the Calgary MLS, your real estate agent will be in charge of screening the buyers that best suit the characteristics of your home, receive them at their office, inform them about your home, show the house to all interested parties, etc. Due to the large buyer base that the MLS has, arranged visits will always be of higher quality.

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