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What Does It Mean If It Says Call Is Waiting?


If you see the phrase “call waiting” on your phone, it means that you have the ability to answer an incoming call while you are already on a call. Call waiting is a great feature to have if you are expecting an important call and do not want to miss it. 

If you are on a call and see the phrase “call waiting,” it means that someone is trying to call you. You can either ignore the incoming call or answer it. If you answer the incoming call, the call you are currently on will be placed on hold. 

Call waiting is a feature that is included with most phone plans. If you do not have call waiting, you can contact your phone service provider to see if it is an option that can be added to your plan. 


What does it mean when you call someone and it says call waiting?

Call is waiting when I call someone?

If you receive a call waiting tone or message while you’re on the phone, it means another caller is trying to reach you. To answer the new call, you can either:

-Ignore the call waiting tone and continue your conversation. The new caller will go to voicemail.

-press the flash button or switchhook to place your first call on hold and answer the new call.

-If you have a digital phone or VoIP service, you may be able to use features like call waiting caller ID to see who’s calling before you decide whether to answer. 

If you’re the one trying to reach someone who’s on the phone, you’ll hear a busy signal or a recording that says the person is on the phone. You can either wait for the person to become available or leave a voicemail message.

Now, you know about the ‘call is waiting when I call someone’ query.


How To Enable Activate Call Waiting Service On Android Mobile & Turn On This Feature In Permanently

Do you want to enable call waiting service on your android mobile? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will tell you how you can enable and activate call waiting service on your android mobile.

Call waiting service allows you to receive incoming calls even when you are already on a call. When you receive an incoming call, you will hear a sound informing you about the call. You can either choose to answer the call or ignore it.

If you want to answer the call, you can either disconnect the ongoing call or put it on hold. Once you disconnect the ongoing call, you will be able to answer the incoming call.

If you want to put the ongoing call on hold, you can do so by pressing the hold button. Once you press the hold button, you will be able to answer the incoming call.

To enable call waiting service on your android mobile, you need to follow these steps:

1.Go to the settings menu of your android mobile.

2.Scroll down and tap on the ‘Call’ option.

3.Tap on the ‘Additional settings’ option.

4.Tap on the ‘Call waiting’ option.

5.Toggle the ‘Call waiting’ option to ‘On’ position.

Once you follow these steps, you will be able to enable call waiting service on your android mobile.


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