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All Mobile Notary Services in Los Angeles


Are you worried about your documents notarizing? Well, with mobile notary services, you can witness the procedure of getting your all-important documents notarized at your doorsteps. 

But do you know about the various types of mobile notary services in Los Angeles

Well, in this guide, you will be well acquainted with the various types of Los Angeles mobile notary services

Who is a Mobile Notary?

A mobile notary is an official person who visits the client’s place  for the completion of the notary process.

This is one of the most convenient ways to get the work done without visiting the business location.

Also, it ensures the safety and security of the documents and saves time and energy for both parties. 

Role of a Mobile Notary 

Generally, a mobile notary is hired for transactions that require multiple signatures from different parties. 

The main role of a mobile notary is to identify the signer’s identity, witness the signing procedure, and put the signature and stamp on the documents. 

To ensure that all your documents get duly signed, keep your documents ready before the arrival of the mobile notary. 

Various Mobile Notary Services in Los Angeles

  • Loan signing services

They are mostly related to commercial real estate loans, home purchase loans, mortgages, refinances, and many more. 

In Los Angeles, numerous loan signing service providers provide the facility to sign loan documents at your homes or offices. 

  • Minor travel consent services

Generally, such types of options are opted for minors who require the legal consent of their parents or guardians. 

The minor consent services help to sign the required documents by the authorities. 

  • Real estate notary services

The real estate notary types are related to the documentation services of the real estate. 

Such documents include Power of Attorney, Property Declarations, Living Wills, Community Document Declarations, Assignment of Interests, and many more. 

All these documents are mainly related to real estate transactions and businesses. 

  • Jail marriages

There are several service providers in Los Angeles that provide the facilities for documentation procedures for jail marriages. 

The entire procedure might take from several days to weeks to complete. 

  • Jail signing services

Sometimes, there are chances when you require the signs of the people who are incarnated. 

During such a phase, the mobile jail notary services help to get the documents duly signed at the right time. 

  • Medical services

Sometimes, there is a need for the notarization procedure in the healthcare industry. 

Such documents include the details of the actions which are required to be taken in case of their bad health or incapacity. Such types are provided at various hospitals, clinics, and healthcare emergencies. 

  • Apostille services

Such services of documentation are performed on the same day at the location of your business, home, or office address. Such documents include birth certificates, school records, corporate documentation, and many more. 

In Los Angeles, there is an endless list of centers that provide apostille services at your doorsteps within 24 hours of the business day. 

  • Mail apostille services

If the client is unavailable, the apostille documents can be sent to the service providers. These documents can be duly signed and received within a week.  

  • Event notary services

These notary services are related to special events like marriages.

The Bottom Line

The mobile notary services are called the traveling notary services, which are provided by trained, professional, experienced, and licensed legal notaries. 

Always look for the service providers that provide the different types of notary services at your convenience. Choose the one that can entirely handle your notarization process smoothly and effectively. 

What are you waiting for? Go and look for the best notary service provider in your city!

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