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What To And What Not To Wear To Comedy Shows in Philadelphia

Philadelphia surprises its visitors with tons of events that never come to an end. There is a celebration in some parts of the city throughout the year. The place is specially treated for comedy geeks. The ones who love to sip some drinks with laughter would definitely enjoy being in Philly. It has a bunch of comedy clubs that keep featuring comedy masters from around the world. If you are looking to spend a weekend watching events in Philly, choose comedy shows over everything. Comedy shows in Philadelphia are everything  you need for a good mood. Dress well, take a friend, book tickets in advance and your weekend will be sorted. 

But wait, have you decided what to wear to the comedy show? Is there anything regarded as the “ comedy club outfit” ? We don’t think so. A comedy show is a casual event where people of all kinds come. They are all dressed up differently, but you don’t have to take it over the top. If you are going out with friends, wear something casual. If it’s a date, a dress could work. Do not go too shimmery or in an extra revealing dress. You do not want to be the attention piece at the comedy club. 

Here’s everything that tells you what to and what not to wear to a comedy show.

Something Casual

Casual does not mean you have to go in loungewear to the comedy club. More often, you’ll blend in properly if you appear in a pair of denims and a casual t-shirt. Pick something that you’d wear just on a casual outing. jeans , t-shirts and shorts would completely work for a comedy-show. 

If you have any other plans like going on a dinner after or before the show, you can be a little dressier. Women can go with dresses or trousers and shirts and men can wear pants and a crisp shirt. Remember, you shouldn’t look like a wedding guest, it is a comedy show. You don’t want to oddly stand out. Note where you are going to attend a comedy show in Philadelphia, what the vibe will be like and dress accordingly. 

A Warm Layer 

Clubs can be quite hot. They can be cold too. You never know what the temperature is going to be like. It is because they can be cold in the start but as the crowd gets to settle in, it can become hot. Dress for both the temperatures. Do not layer yourself with something that you cannot take off at the club. Prefer wearing your summer attire and layer it with a cardigan or a coat so that it is easy to take on and off whenever needed. Theatres in Philadelphia are quite cozy but you can never predict their temperatures. You need to be prepared for anything that comes your way. 

Comfy footwear

If you have the tickets booked for the comedy show, that’s okay. But many cafes have first come and first serve rule. That means you’ll need to arrive early to get a good seat. There may also be a possibility to stand outside the club before the show gets started. Wear footwear that does not bite you on the foot. Your footwear should be comfy and airy. Prefer flats or low heels. Sneakers would also make a good choice.

Anything out-of-the-box: A big NO NO 

Unless you want the comedian to pinpoint your fashion sense and make a 10 minute fashion gig on it, do not wear anything to stand out. Dress to blend in at the comedy club. Many comedy shows in Philadelphia are hosted at small clubs with a few people. It is easy to notice every visitor from the stage. Some comedians like to mock anyone from the audience and they do it on the spot. Do not wear anything bold or too unusual to avoid being in the attention.

Dressing for a comedy show has to be effortless. If you put in too much effort, the outfit might turn out to be a fail. 


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