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1 Secret To Reducing Time On Your Slow Computer


If you have done just about everything that you possibly can to make your computer as fast as it can go and are still looking for a bit more then you have come to right place, well sort of.

See what most people don’t seem to realize is that you can actually be the main bottle neck that is slowing down your computer. There really are two things that are slowing your down: the first is that you really need to know how to type quickly and the second is that you need to know at least a few basic windows shortcuts.

When it comes to typing you have to understand that most people simply just don’t really realize how much time it is that they are wasting. By using the hunt and peck method. (Hunt and peck is when you use your pointer finger from both hands to pick on one letter on the keyboard at a time). It is drastically reducing your productivity and you should really invest some time into learning how to type properly. Now, I’m not going to teach you how to type properly in this article but I do highly recommend that you spend the time to learn how to do it. Think of it like this – you might as well invest some time right now to learn how to type quicker so that you will save a lot of time in the future.

Now in terms of windows keyboard shortcuts there really is no way around it either – you are going to have to practice using them as often as you can or else they simply not going to get stuck in your head. Don’t worry about them being hard to remember, there very simple key combinations that are easy to remember.

Also keep in mind that most of them are designed to work with the windows operating system or some of the windows programs (like Word, Power Point etc…). Also if there are some programs that you use on a regular basis you should consider learning the shortcuts that are relevant to that program – you would be surprised at how much quicker and efficient you can get things done.

Let’s start off by learning how to switch from one application to another on the task bar quickly. If your main way of doing this is to simply click on them with the mouse, you are just wasting your time, and I am going to show you a much quicker way to do this. Here’s how its done: open a few programs (Notepad and

Calculator will do just find for this exercise) and hold down the Alt button and then press the Tab key a few times. What this will do is it will allow you to cycle through your currently open programs. It’s a much quicker way to move from one program to the next without using your mouse. If you want to get to the task manger by using only one hand, just press Ctrl + Shift + Esc (at the same time) all on the left hand side of the keyboard. Now, if you want to close a program quickly just use Alt + F4. To save a program use Ctrl + S. To go straight to your desktop use the combination: windows button + M.

Now what you are going to want to do is to practice these as much as possible and on a regular basis. Try and use them as much as you can when you are using your computer so that you will get the most usage out of them. Trust me, once you get use to using them you will never want to go back.

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