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5 Tips To Prepare For Medical School Mock Interview


Medical school admissions have a lot to do with the mock interviews. They help you to showcase your best verison to the admission committee on a personal level. But this can only happen when you prepare well. Here are five tips to prepare in the right way for a medical school mock interview.

Wear right clothes

The very first tip for medical school mock interview preparation is to wear a suit that fits you well. Depending on your gender and preference, wear formal attire as you head to the interview. The interview committee may not judge you on the basis of your clothes but a proper attire can create a huge difference. It would tell the committee how dedicated and serious you are about the interview. In case you visit them in an informal attire, they would also not take you seriously.

Read well

As you start your medical school interview prep, be ready to read as much as possible. Knowledge is the real power that can take you places. And when you are aware of the topics that might be asked, you will feel more confident and perform better. You need to read about the current events, medical issues, your personal interests etc. You can cretae a list of all the frewunestly asked questions and have answers for them. Also research about the interview format of the school in advance so that you can take care of logistics and have questions ready.

Review your application materials

After you are done focusing on your body language and research about the med school, it is time to review the application materials submitted by you. Remember most of the interview questions are being asked from the application submitted by you. So do not forget to prepare about your interest, your reasons to join this med school and your future goals. Medical school interviews are a lot more than the interview committee asking just med questions. So be prepared for every bit of it.

Do not be in hurry

Of course you need to hurry and reach the venue 15 to 20 minutes before the allotted time. But that does not mean you do not focus on what’s asked. Take time to listen to the medical interview questions properly before responding. Even if you are completely prepared, do not over do it by responding to the interview committee even before they ask you about a particular thing. During an interview you need to sound like a professional. You need to be specific about your answers and explanation.

Always be your true self

Just for the purpose of getting admission in your dream med school, do not choose lying to the admission committee. If you do not know an answer for the question asked, indicate it directly rather than answering with a guess game. The interview committee is a lot more experienced than you can think so never try to fool them in any way possible.

For better preparation for medical school mock interviews, consider hiring experienced admission consultants who can help you throughout the process.

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