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What Are the Benefits of Custom-Made Challenge Coins?


Deep in the Chauvet cave in France, there are 36,000-year-old cave paintings.

The ancient cave paintings tell the exciting story of a volcanic eruption. It’s a strong reminder of how long humans have been remembering special events through storytelling.

Custom-made challenge coins are the ultimate gift because they let you tell a story. Instead of buying someone more stuff, you’ll be giving them something that reminds them of life’s special moments.

If you’re thinking about gifting a challenge coin, but you’re not sure yet, then this article is for you. We’ll walk you through the top benefits challenge coins offer, along with a few fun tips for designing them.

What are the top challenge coins benefits? Read on to find out.

Unlimited Giving Opportunities

The holidays aren’t the only time to give gifts. Custom-made challenge coins give you the power of doling out gifts at any time throughout the year. These coins will provide you with unlimited giving opportunities since you can personally design them for each option.

If you have children, consider designing challenge coins to reward them for their hard work. The coins could be perfect for celebrating an especially excellent report card or for achieving some other type of academic goal.

You could even make a challenge coin for your partner. Notice what kind of goals they’re working towards right now, and create a coin that can help reward their efforts.

Do you have somebody in your life who’s going through some type of sobriety program? Perhaps they’re in alcoholics anonymous, or maybe they’re taking part in narcotics anonymous. They might even be in a non-drug-related sobriety program.

Twelve-step programs are known for giving out chips to commemorate milestones. If you want to show your support and appreciation for your loved ones’ hard work, create a custom challenge coin.

The coin can display the number of days that they’ve maintained their sobriety. Or you could include a design that has a personal meaning for your loved one.

Fun Challenge Coin Display Options

Not only are these coins timeless, but they’re also easy to display. Instead of putting the coin in a box and forgetting about it, gift recipients can proudly show off their challenge coin.

Some of the different challenge coin display options are so intricate that they can even become a part of your home’s decor. For instance, have you seen what tabletop display cases have to offer?

Tabletop display cases can hold a large number of coins. These are the perfect cases for coin collectors or somebody who has a lot to be proud about.

There are also wall-mounted display cases. Shadow boxes are one of the best versions of wall-mounted display cases since you can add in other types of memorabilia.

Then, of course, there are the single coin display stands. For those who don’t expect to collect a lot of coins, single display stands can be the perfect fit. Resembling an easel, single coin stands come in all sorts of colors, styles, and materials.

You could even display a full collection of coins using dozens of easels. It might take up a lot of room, but the visual effect would be worth it.

Embrace Artistic Freedom

Custom challenge coins allow you to embrace your creative side. You’ll be able to design the artwork, choose the type of enamel, and even pick the plating color for the coin. A lot of the Challenge Coins Since 2003 have really broken the mold, as creators try new designs.

Some of the best challenge coins feature a simple image that carries a big meaning. The art and wording you choose need to express the essence of the coin.

For instance, if the coin is for a corporate event, consider using your company logo. Be sure to match the colors of the coin to the colors of your organization’s brand.

As far as the enamel goes, you’ll need to choose between soft and hard enamels. Soft enamels are the most popular choice for challenge coins.

Soft enamels cost less, and they’re easier to work with. However, if you need to use silkscreen for your challenge coin, a hard enamel may be the best option.

When it comes to the plating color, you’ll want to pick a color that compliments your coin’s design. The plating color should also work well with whatever enamel color you’re going with.

A few of our favorite plating colors include gold and silver. However, antique-looking plating options can work well too.

For instance, you can go with a fun copper or brass plating. Even black nickel coins are available, along with antique gold and antique silver options.

All Sorts of Edges for Challenge Coins

Remember when fidget spinners started to become a big thing? One of the reasons they became so popular was the variety of designs available. There were smooth fidget spinners, bumpy ones, and everywhere in between.

You’ll be able to enjoy the same type of versatility with your challenge coin design. When choosing the edge for your challenge coin, you’ll get to create the overall feel for the coin itself.

For instance, do you want to go with diamond-cut edges that really stand out? Would you enjoy an oblique cut edge that has an almost rope cut appearance? Of course, there’s always the grated edge option.

If you want your coin to mimic the motion of peaceful ocean waves, then try using a wave edge cut. Finally, you could also choose to go with the slash-cut edge.

The slash-cut edge uses semicircular divots along the edge of the coin. The end result is a unique-looking challenge coin with a lot of character.

Start Benefiting From Custom-Made Challenge Coins

There are so many benefits to using custom-made challenge coins that we couldn’t possibly list them all in this article. From boosting morale to providing artistic freedom, challenge coins are full of opportunity.

If you’re thinking about giving a challenge to someone special in your life, start drawing up your design today. Once you know the type of design you’d like to have, you can begin adding in the finer details.

What other benefits could you be enjoying in life? Take a look around our website to find out.

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