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An Ultimate Guide | Nanistick And Its Charatersictics


One of the best gadgets to start your vaping journey with is the nanostick pod. The device has an easy load-and-go mechanism that enables you to change flavours, and it has a wide array of features that will make you want to keep vaping.

With its flawless designs and seductive appearance, it is one device that stands out among pod vapes. The nanostick has everything you want and more if you care about your pod vape more than just the performance.

What is Nanostick?

It’s a compact gadget with a stainless steel body. It has a small, streamlined design that makes vaping cleaner and more comfortable. This tool was carefully designed to be the commodious, mess-free tool that it is renowned for. The device comes with a nano pod cartridge that you insert to begin vaping properly. 

Characteristics of Nanostick

The only goal of nanostick is to improve the lives of adult smokers by offering them affordable alternatives to smoking. It is safe to say that the device lives up to the mission, given the quick rise in popularity it has experienced, thanks to a diverse set of impressive features.


For vapers, having a choice is important. The nanostix  are available in different colours. You can select a device based on your preferred colour or the finish that you find most attractive. However, the most sold colours readily are:- 

  • Black
  • Rainbow
  • Grey
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Blue.

Also, you will receive a device that is eye-catching, has an alluring finish, and stands out thanks to the unusual colour options.

Stainless Steel Case

Every portable vape device must have a sturdy exterior to shield it from the knocks and jolts that come with use while travelling. The lightweight stainless steel casing of the nanostick is both strong and portable. It is not at all difficult to carry the device.

No-mess pods

One of the challenges that the majority of new vapers encounter is refilling the pod. Smaller pods, in particular, can be time-consuming, wasteful, and messy to refill. This problem is solved by the nanostick vapes, which are inexpensive, simple-to-use pods that you just insert into the device to use. Also, the device usually comes with four nano pods to get you going. However, you can buy more based on your usage and flavor preferences.

Power LED Indicator

With the nanostick, there are no unpleasant surprises. To let you know how much longer you can vape before recharging, it has a convenient LED power indicator.


Given its small size, the nanostick usually has an internal 300-350mAh battery is quite impressive. The battery gives the device a 12W output range, and it is easily charged via a micro-USB port for quick charging. This stick has a resistance of 0.2 ohms and a voltage output range of 0.35 to 2.225V.


There is no doubt about nanostix portability. The gadget is only 117.4mmx 15.6mmx 9.2mm in size. It won’t stick out of your pocket or purse when you put it there. The pod is ergonomically designed, which is also important. If you don’t want any curious eyes on you while vaping, it fits easily in your palm and is comfortable to hold.


A mouth-to-lung pod called the nanostick is intended for vapers making the switch from smoking. It has a smooth, tight draw that is similar to that of a cigarette. Although it lacks an airflow adjustment feature, vapers seeking a great experience will value its precise draw.

Effortless Use

Nanostick over-delivers on its claim to be the best and simplest way to start vaping. Performance and simplicity are combined in this one device. The device is draw-activated, so there are no buttons to worry about, and inserting the nano pod is simple. The device will be simple to use, even for new users.

Last Words 

So, now you have complete knowledge about nanostick and its vaping experiences. Hence, choose wisely your type. 

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