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Ashley graham’s secrets to the trendiest bikini’s this summer


Summer 2021 is right around the corner. With Thanksgiving gone and Christmas on the way, everyone’s either busy feeling guilty for binge eating or preparing a mindset to “control” their food intake. 

And we get it. We wanted to find a way to still feel sexy, even with the few extra pounds. So we turned to plus-size model and fashion expert Ashley Graham for tips on wearing our trendy bikini swimwear with confidence that slays! Here’s what she had to say:

Perfect bra size for the perfect bikini top size

Ashley has noticed that many women don’t pay attention to getting their perfect bra. This compromise has led to an unflattering appearance even while selecting the right bikini top and styles.

Her mantra is to find the “perfect bra to create the perfect silhouette.” Bikini tops don’t need to feel like an ardent task. Go to your nearest lingerie store and let the experts take it from there. Find your best fit, one that accentuates the curves and creates a beautiful waistline.

Does this make me feel ‘all kinds of sexy’?

Graham’s confidence is contagious. That is the perfect emotion you need to invoke within anyone who sees you. Are you exuding confidence?

Her secret to feeling confident is to ask yourself, “will this bikini make me feel all kinds of sexy?”

We couldn’t agree more! Use your bikini as a way to express your “sexy,” not dull it down. And so, the next time you go swimwear shopping, ask yourself, “Do I feel sexy in this bikini?” If not, time to say, “thank you next.”

Wear crossbody bikini tops to create curves

Ashley says, “Creating a waist is key on any body shape.” And we couldn’t agree more! That is why we create all our designer bikini tops, keeping ‘curves’ as the central highlight. 

Whether you are naturally blessed with curves or not, you can always accentuate your lovely waist by picking the right kind of clothes. Next time you go bikini shopping, ensure to keep ‘creating curves’ in mind.

Hello Neoprene!

Ashley swears by Neoprene. She says, “They smooth out your lower half and gives you a more flattering silhouette.”

No more feeling anything less than fabulous! Get that toned and uplifted silhouette you want without any worries. Neoprene bikinis are here to stay. We know they’re every girl’s best friend.

Big on the hips? Wear high waisted bottoms

Fashion is receiving an upgrade. Fashion and Mental health are now going hand-in-hand. The reason being, people are prioritizing their mental health over vanity.

Ashley is such a proponent of mental health; she loves to make her clothes work for her and not the other way around. She says, “My tip is to have at least my belly button covered since I carry the weight in my stomach low, and that’s most flattering.”

We agree to this mantra, and that is why we believe, curvy or not, High waisted bikinis are making a comeback, and they’re here to stay. The trendiest bikini swimwear this season is with a high waisted bottom and a lovely bralette bikini top.

And for our final tip…

Bodysuit Bikini bottoms are your new best friend

Graham loves to pair her bodysuits with jeans and other items where she doesn’t have to worry about something coming untucked. We were inspired by the same and created a range of bodysuits that will soon become your new must-haves for summer 2021.

We want you to have the one takeaway; always buy only those bikini swimwears that make you feel confident about being you. Celebrate you. Dont change yourself to fit into a piece of clothing; instead, the trendy bikini swimwears are those that do the heavy lifting for you and make you walk in- effortlessly chic!

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