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How To Use The Best Dog Paw Cream In Winter?

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Keep your dog paws safe with the best dog paw balm!

Winter months are really very hard on the delicate dog paws. Ice and snow can cause cuts, wounds, injuries and abrasions and de-icing all the chemicals totally irritate the paw pads of the doggies. Also, the wind and cold temperature can dry out the dog’s skin. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to soothe the pain of your adorable puppies and that is the dog paw cream that’s intoxic, easy to use, make and can also be presented as a thoughtful gift to the dog owners. Plus, it also smells delicious. 

Gather the Ingredients –

To begin making the dog paw cream, you need to collect all the ingredients like beeswax, shea butter, olive or coconut oil. Look out for the natural and organic versions if it’s possible. Make sure that everything you use is human grade and if you feel like getting fancy, you’ll have to add a few drops of essential oil like peppermint, lavender oil, tea tree oil or vitamin E oil or anything else. Choose only one oil. You also need a handful of tiny containers like small jars or a breath mint tin and so on. Make a king kalm soothe cream for your little doggies. 

Instructions –

In order to melt all the gathered ingredients, you can use a double-boiler or beeswax that is difficult to clean. For this, you can also go for the double boiling effect by placing the glass mason jar in the saucepan of water over a low heat. Now, you need to combine six teaspoons of beeswax, 3 tablespoons of shea butter, and olive or coconut oil, or any other essential oils for Vitamin E. If you’re using the double-boiler, all you need to do is pour the melted mixture into the separate tins and wait for all of it to settle down. If it’s cool, you just need to screw the lid. 

How to Use the Dog Paw Cream/Balm

To begin using it, start massaging it on the chapped paws whenever required. Most of the pets won’t lick of this mixture, but the beauty of this homemade balm is that it’s non-toxic and will not harm even if the dog ingests a tiny amount of it. If the licking becomes a major problem, try experimenting by adding a drop or two of the different essential oils by removing them altogether. 

If you can’t find beeswax in a local store, you can browse online for the same. There are many stores that sell it in beads, or shavings, or pre-measured blocks that are much easier to handle. This dog paw cream or balm can easily be used in healing the dog paws plus you can also gift it as therapy to the dog moms. This dog paw cream might also be used if the dog’s nose gets dry or cracked up in the winter season. 

Pro-tip – Beeswax is totally solid, and it can be very intricate to cut or measure it.

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