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Here’s Why You Should Choose LG Refrigerator To Keep Your Food Fresh

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LG is one of the leading consumer durable brands in India, occupying about 30% share in the refrigerator market segment. LG refrigerators are best known for their introduction of innovative technology in keeping food farms fresh and bacteria-free, including the unique Hygiene Fresh+™ that claims to eliminate up to 99.999% bacteria from the stored food. 

Following is a list of features to look forward to when investing in an LG refrigerator.

Features that make LG refrigerator the perfect choice to keep food fresh and healthy

1. Hygiene fresh+™ 

The Hygiene Fresh+™ filter is a 5-step system that evenly circulates fresh air in every corner of the refrigerator through its strong sterilization and deodorization performance. 

Its purifying system preserves freshness and the nutritional value of the stored foodaddy over a long time and eliminates up to 99.999%* bacteria. It is also effective in reducing dust, harmful bacteria, and fungi spores. 

2. Green ion door cooling+™

The Green Ion Door Cooling technology or GIDC is LG’s unique cooling feature designed to preserve freshness for a long time. The cooling system helps keep the air within the refrigerator fresh by using Green Tea Leaf Extracts. This prevents the building up of bacteria, fungi and a foul odour and helps keep the food nutritious, healthy, and fresh for longer. 

The Green ions fight bacteria and slow the decaying of food. Its unique door cooling technology is a 3-way cooling system that uniformly maintains cooling throughout the refrigerator.

3. Moist balance crisper™

LG refrigerator comes with a unique lattice box cover that maintains optimum moisture levels in stored foods. The Moist Balance Crisper and Humidity Controller technology trap condensed moisture that evaporates from the food stored and ensures they stay fresh and nutritious for long. 

The evaporated moisture is condensed on the lattice, keeping the correct air balance around the food.

4. Save cooling system

LG’s unmatched Save Cooling System ensures that food stored in the refrigerator stays farm fresh. Its allocated independent evaporator dedicated for each compartment guarantees there is no mixing of food smells. 

Moreover, the separate cooling cycle allows maintaining an optimal temperature in every compartment by eliminating unnecessary energy consumption. Its intelligent technology further preserves 66.3% humidity to let food items remain nutritious and wholesome.

5. Bioshield™ 

The gasket in the LG refrigerator is treated with antimicrobial agents that prevent mold, causing the shield to distort.

6. Inverter Linear Compressor

The lg refrigerator uses Inverter Linear Compressor, unlike the conventional compressors with a higher temperature variation of +1.0˚C. This innovative compressor consumes less energy as it functions within a variable temperature range of +0.5˚C. 

This outstanding technology helps maintain an optimum temperature for maximum freshness. Furthermore, the compressor reduces 63kg~ CO2 emission every year, making it an eco-friendly refrigerator. Another impressive feature of inverter linear compressor technology is that it enables 36% more energy efficiency, saving more than- rated ones. Through this unique compressor technology, the refrigerator can save up to 51% energy consumption. 

7. Convertibleplus

Apart from ensuring healthy, pure, and fresh food, LG ConvertiblePlus’s range of refrigerators converts its freezer into a regular compartment to store every type of food item. 

8. LG ThinQ

With LG ThinQ, one can control and diagnose refrigerators anytime, anywhere. With just a touch on a smartphone, the refrigerator’s temperature can be controlled while allowing easy diagnosis.

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