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How To Save On Braces And Invisalign Treatment?


Straightening your teeth is not just about improving your appearance but improving your oral health too. Traditionally, people opt for wired braces to straighten their teeth. Thanks to the advancements in technology, invisible clear aligners are more convenient than conventional braces nowadays. These aligners are nearly invisible. 

However, the cost for Invisalign tends to be higher than traditional braces. The cost of Invisalign treatment may vary depending on various factors, including:

  • The condition of your teeth. 
  • Your location and the average price of Invisalign treatment in your city.
  • The orthodontist you choose for your treatment.

The only way to find the actual cost of your Invisalign treatment is to schedule a consultation with a reliable Invisalign dentist in Edmonton. Your dentist will examine your oral health to determine what needs to be done. Then, they will suggest the required treatment plan and provide you with an outline of your treatment costs.

However, if you are seeking ways to save on Invisalign costs, don’t worry. In this guide, we will discuss how you can reduce your Invisalign cost.

Tips to Reduce your Invisalign Cost

Get a second opinion: Orthodontist’s fees vary, depending on the experience, training, and qualification. So, the first way to reduce Invisalign costs is to ask for quotes from different orthodontists. Now you can compare the fee structure of each dentist. Choose the one that offers you the desired services within your budget. 

Buy dental insurance: There are several insurance plans that cover orthodontic dental treatment, and the insurance company pays up to a certain amount for Invisalign on your behalf. So, if you want to reduce the cost of your orthodontic treatment, you can buy a dental insurance plan. However, before you go ahead, make sure you review the terms and conditions of your plan, as most insurance policies only cover patients who are 18 or younger. Apart from this, you should pay attention to the insurance waiting periods and whether your orthodontist works with your insurance company or not.

Use tax-exempt savings accounts: A health spending account (HSA) is an employee account that offers compensation for eligible healthcare expenses, including orthodontic treatment. You can use pre-tax dollars to pay for your Invisalign treatment via HSA and reduce the burden on your pocket. However, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of using your HSA to find how much reimbursement you can get from the employee benefit plan.

Enroll in no-interest financing: The cost of Invisalign treatment can be high. So, it is difficult to pay for the entire cost of orthodontic treatment in one go. At times, you can find a reliable orthodontist in Edmonton who provides you the flexibility to pay for the Invisalign treatment in monthly payments without interest. However, before you go ahead, it is wise to schedule a consultation with your dentist to create a financing plan as per your needs and budget.

The Bottom Line

Invisalign clear aligners are an effective teeth straightening treatment. However,   Invisalign treatment can come at a high cost. At times, the aforementioned tips and tricks can help you reduce the total expense of your Invisalign treatment. 

In addition, you can reduce the overall cost of Invisalign by taking proper care of your aligners, as it will shorten the time you have to wear them. While there is no way to shift teeth into place quickly, you can take measures to avoid delays. You can ensure the treatment progresses with its full efficiency by having the right diet and wearing Invisalign as directed by your top Invisalign provider in Edmonton.

Also, make sure you wear a retainer once you finish your Invisalign treatment. Otherwise, your teeth may shift back to their old position.

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