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Reasons Why You Should Invest In Wheelchair Door Threshold Ramps?


Wheelchair users often find themselves stuck in doorways. This is where threshold ramps come in very handy. Today, when the number of wheelchair users is continuously increasing, the need for modern and efficient mobility devices is on the rise. Thanks to the variety of portable wheelchair door ramps, wheelchair users can improve their lifestyles and live independently. Among those portable ramps are the famous wheelchair door threshold ramps. With these rubber threshold ramps, wheelchair users, people with walk sticks, and mobility scooters can easily move in and out of doorways without any help. These rubber threshold ramps come in different sizes to fit different areas including – doorways, balconies, patios, and outdoor spaces. 


There are several interesting and excellent features in these threshold ramps that we are discussing today. 


List of benefits of threshold ramps 


Below, we have the list of reasons why you should invest in rubber threshold ramps. We hope all these reasons are enough for one to invest in wheelchair door threshold ramps. 


  • Cost-effective 

These threshold ramps are simple yet very effective. Since this is a very simple design, you can find these rubber threshold ramps at a very cost-effective price. These portable ramps are very affordable which makes it easy for everyone to afford them. 


  • Anti-slip

Most of these rubber threshold ramps come with anti-slip properties. These non-slip threshold bridging devices ensure that you get enough grip for you to use them without anybody’s help, making them the best and most convenient to use.


  • Easy to clean and maintain 

Another reason why you should invest in these rubber threshold ramps is that they are not just inexpensive but are also very easy to clean and maintain. These ramps come with a removable mat or covering which makes it very easy to clean. 


  • Reliable and sturdy 

These threshold ramps are designed to be reliable. These wheelchair door threshold ramps are very reliable and last for a long-time. Also, these ramps are FDA tested. 


  • Adjustable 

You can easily find adjustable threshold ramps in the market that can fit all your needs. These adjustable threshold ramps ensure complete safety for all the users and all devices. This feature of adjustability can give you the right balance while giving you the grip to cross the door threshold. 



These are some benefits of investing in wheelchair door threshold ramps. Each one of the points mentioned above gives a good reason for every wheelchair user to invest in portable threshold ramps. Threshold ramps have become a very popular solution for wheelchair accessibility. Threshold ramps are the best for doorline brides, butterfly folding threshold ramps, doorline near edge rubber ramps, and more. This simple yet effective mobility solution is the best for everybody who is looking for a temporary yet excellent solution to the threshold. 


At EZ-Access, we have the best quality threshold ramps. Here, you can find all kinds of portable ramps including Angled entry ramps, modular entry ramps, angled entry mats, and modular entry mats. 

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