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Maintaining a Magento e-commerce developed website’s checklist

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Since the pandemic has hit businesses worldwide, the significance of building a digital presence has witnessed a stark rise. Due to rapid development in the industry, developing an e-commerce website has now become a hassle-free experience. Magento 2 development is one such platform used by professionals to create exceptional websites.

Magento 2 development is an e-commerce platform that offers modified solutions for businesses struggling to build a robust online presence. It increases the speed and performance of the website by simplifying the designing process. However, since it is software, there are constant improvements made to avoid poor performance, revenue loss, and credibility. A business must go through the following maintenance checklist of Magento 2 Development to maintain the privacy and security of the app:

  1. Please upgrade to the latest version: Magento developers work continuously towards fixing the bugs, security, or any other issues with the application that may be causing a hindrance in their clients’ activities. To ensure that you can easily rely on the platform, it becomes necessary that you upgrade to the latest version and get the full benefits of the app. 
  • Speed test: The loading speed of a website is a significant determinant in lowering the bounce rate and increasing the conversion rate. Whenever the website takes more than 3 seconds to load, potential customers leave the website. Thus, a company should regularly conduct speed tests to ensure no lags and delays in the website. 
  • Mobile responsive design: In the current times, there is rarely any person who roams around without a smartphone in hand. A person conducts every activity through his phone, from ordering to window shopping. Thus, it becomes inevitable for websites to be mobile-friendly. The web design should be easy for a user to navigate through mobile. Also, Google prefers such websites that offer excellent user experience to mobile owners. 
  • Suitable hosting service: You must choose a reliable hosting service for a hassle-free experience. A company should consider factors like the size of the website and database, Magento version, etc. They should invest in platforms that are dependable and offer top-tier services.

  • Safety and security: Security in the digital world is of utmost importance to customers and businesses alike. Nobody wants their confidential information to be leaked or sold to other parties. Firms should invest in an SSL certificate to maintain confidentiality and to avoid online theft. Also, a two-factor authentication process should be followed with passwords accessible to authorized officials only. 
  •  Seamless checkout process: All is well that ends well. The end goal of a business is to convert visitors into shoppers. However, if they do not have a smooth and quick checkout process, the customers may abandon the cart. It may also hurt repeated sales and bringing in new customers. Through Magento 2 Development, a company can ensure a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience for the customers.
  • Database Management: Magento 2 Development comprises search history, saved items, and customer database. It should be cleared regularly for stable and smooth performance either manually or through PHP scripts. However, you should ensure taking a backup before deleting everything. 
  • Remove broken links: Continuously monitor and check your website for the presence of any broken links. Such links can hamper your online growth by discouraging the interest of a potential customer. Also, keep looking for any broken images to avoid annoying your customers.
  • Conduct a website usability audit: While running your website, make sure you perform a usability audit periodically. A usability audit entails measuring and checking the functionality of every page on the website. By conducting such audits, you can get an insight into any broken link, technical issue, or other problems occurring on the website. 
  1. Optimize the server regularly: It is a must to configure your server regularly in the best possible way. You should practice the standard-setting requirements of the version you are using. The server should be clean and secure to avoid leakage of sensitive information. Also, it should be cleared of any redundant data to make space for others. 
  1. Hire professionals: Magento 2 Development involves several aspects that a business may not be able to fathom. Thus, you should hire Magento experts from Kinex Media to delve deep into your business goals without burdening yourself. They ensure excellent results due to the proficiency and expertise of their staff. 


Magento E-commerce solutions relieve businesses of the burden of having a functional website. They enhance their performance and productivity through the various features provided by the application. However, the software must be up-to-date and maintained adequately to gain from it for a long time. With the assistance of professionals from Kinex Media, you can be guaranteed excellent results in no time.

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