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Crafts from birds and finger puppets for preschoolers


Crafts from birds and finger puppets for preschoolers. Preschoolers love arts and crafts, and crafts and bird crafts are a great way to teach them how to create and imagine. You can do all kinds of objects by filling the play with bright colors and wild feathers. So with that in spirit, there are our best bird crafts for preschoolers.

Bird finger puppets

Finger puppets are an excellent choice for crafts; your kids can keep playing and having fun with lotus drawing and even when you’re done making the craft, and you can make a variety of different animals to make a zoo for your kid. You can make this craft for any bird (imaginary or not) simply by changing the colors you use.


Crafts from birds

To make a cute bird finger doll, you will need:

  • Glue
  • Five small feathers of any color you want
  • Google eyes
  • orange paper
  • Postcards in colors of your choice for the body
  • Scissors
  • Perforator, ¾ inch
  • Pen or pencil

Step 1: draw and cut into pieces

Draw a simple bird shape on your card. If you’re having trouble finding a profile, browse some patterns online or draw a circle with a slight gap above the midpoint to represent the bird’s head. Your child won’t care if he doesn’t look perfect. You will also want to escape a smaller circle and then cut it in half to create the wings.

Step 2: Kick or cut the legs

Draw two small holes at the bottom of the bird, where its feet should go.

You can probably do it with scissors if you don’t have a punch big enough to do this, but it gets a little more complicated. Carefully make a small hole with the scissors, and then cut the edges until you have smooth holes big enough for your baby’s fingers.

Step 3: Glue the wings

It is the part of the craft your child is most likely to be able to help. Help them glue the wings in place.

Step 4: Glue the googly eyes

Help your toddler glue the eyes to the top of the bird, then cut out a small triangular beak from the orange paper so that it sticks directly under the eyes.

Step 5: Add the feathers

Apply glue to both wings and help the baby glue the feathers in place. Then turn the bird over, apply some glue to the lower torso, and show your child how to glue the feathers to the lower torso of the bird. The tail feathers don’t have to match the wing feathers if you want to be colored!

Step 6: Paint the details.

Encourage your preschooler to draw feathers on the bird’s chest with a pen/pencil. So put it on your baby’s toes, and it can be the legs for a very cute little snowman bird!

Owl card

Postcards are great creativity for children as they are practical, functional, and fun, so if you are planning someone’s special birthday, this is the perfect solution for your preschooler.


For this craft, you will need:

  • White acrylic paint
  • Small paper plate
  • black paper
  • brown paper
  • Black card
  • White paper
  • orange paper
  • Black marker
  • Sponge
  • Scissors
  • White feathers (optional)
  • Brush

Step 1. Fold the paper

Fold the black paper in half to form the overall composition you will decorate.

Step 2: Create a branch

Doing the brown theme, support your toddler’s break or cut the branch shape so the owl can sit on it. Your child can then use a pen to add details to the bark, such as knots or ridges on the tree.

Step 3: Create the night sky

A part of the craft can get a little confusing, so make sure you have newspapers, and your baby is using old things (as you will be using acrylic paints, this is very important) and an apron. You should work on a clean surface and clean up any paint splatters immediately. Give your kid a brush with some fresh paint and show him how to move the meeting to splash the color onto the paper. These will do the players in the past. They can join a painted moon or puffy clouds if they wish. White paint on black paper should look very impressive, and if the color is a little damp, it will stick well and won’t turn into large clumps.

Step 4: make an owl

Dip a sponge in white paint and help your preschooler create a beautiful fluffy owl shape on black cardstock. You may need a few pushups to get a good owl shape. It doesn’t matter if it ends up in a bit of mess – it’s part of the fun of being creative with young children! If you can help them create the shape of the head, that’s great, but don’t worry if not; Owls are fluffy and don’t have to look perfect.

Step 5: Cut out the eyes

You should cut two small circles of brown paper and then two slightly smaller circles of black. Finally, cut out or use a hole punch to make the two smaller white circles. You may need to guide your child to the next part; Help them glue the larger brown circle on the bottom, the black process on the top, and the small white circle on top to represent the twinkle in the owl’s eyes. To make this step more accessible, you can also use googly eyes glued to the owl’s face, so you don’t have to cut anymore.

Step 6: Trim the legs and beak

The owl needs to hold onto a branch, so take some orange paper and cut out two tiny owl legs. You don’t have to spend forever on this; just cut out two triangles, then use scissors to cut out two smaller triangles from each to make the toes. Help the preschooler glue them to the branch at the bottom of the owl’s body. Then cut out another triangle for the beak and have it tucked under the owl’s eyes.

Step 7: add the feathers (optional step)

If you have small white feathers in your craft box, your preschooler will love adding some to his owl. You can use whole feathers or just cut some down. Apply some glue to the owl’s torso and help the preschooler glue the feathers to create a fluffy owl, both in terms of texture and aesthetics. You now have a beautiful owl card that you can give to any lucky recipient!


Both of these crafts are a great way to teach your child how to sculpt and create. They’re pretty straightforward and don’t need a lot of help from mom or dad, but they still allow you a pleasant way to kill time together and do something. Kids especially love making cards, so an owl card is an excellent option if you have a family who understands your little one’s artistic abilities!

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