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Thoughtful Way To Show Gratitude | Try Plantable Thank You Cards


Every year after a birthday, you do the same thing: you take all of the one-time-use cards off your mantle and put them in the cardboard recycling. The idea of a gift card that keeps on giving is like putting a gift inside a card. What if you make a lot of cards all at once, you won’t have to buy anymore? 

So, if you are planning to give a gift of thanking anyone, try plantable thank you cards. They are the ideal and unique type that will be remembered forever.  No matter how big or small, this item is ideal for serving as a constant reminder of our gratitude. What could be a better way to express gratitude than with thank you cards made out of seed-embedded paper, which is an essential component of saving nature and creating happiness in life?

Once you have gifted, these cards can be planted into a plant. The ideal way to show your appreciation to your loved ones and to mother earth at the same time is to start using seed cards.

And, do you know you can make it at your home? 

To make plantable thank you cards you will just need a few things mentioned below:- 

  1. Various colored papers or some napkins
  2. A little newspaper, preferably not printed
  3. Several packets of wildflower seeds or any other preferred type
  4. A few tiny leaves and some dried flower heads (optional)
  5. Glitter (optional)
  6. 3 to 4 Chux garments

As soon as you have all the things look for the tools required, 

  1. Use a food processor or blender 
  2. The screen- you can use an old picture frame to which you can attach a piece of netting with a staple gun, but buy paper-making kits and screens at art shops if you think you will use them again
  3. A gaping hole
  4. The rolling pin
  5. Excellent scissors
  6. A cookie-cutter

Now we have everything to create plantable cards from seeded paper in Perth. Let’s begin crafting now!!!

Step 1: Cut your paper into small squares, soak it in water, and then pulse it in a food processor. Once it’s blended, you’ll have a better sense of how much is required and may need to make another batch. Once it resembles pulp, blend it. If it isn’t moving, you might need to add more water.

Step 2: Transfer it to a bowl, squeezing out as much water as you can, then stir in the seeds, glitter, and dried flowers or leaves. Do your mixing thoroughly. Put your screen on top of a thick layer of newspaper that has been covered in 1-2 layers of chux cloth (to absorb the water). Squash down with your hands to make the pulp as flat as you can after turning it onto the frame’s netting. A rolling pin should then be used to flatten the top layer of chux cloth. You want it to be flat (roughly the thickness of cardboard) but without pressing too firmly and breaking your seeds.

Step 3: Peel the top layer of chux cloth off and lift the frame off the bottom layer. Find a place to let your homemade paper dry while leaving it on the frame. It should be dried quickly before spending the night in the hot water cabinet or the sun if it’s a hot day. For the netting to dry on both sides, make sure there is airflow through it. Within 24 hours, your plantable thank you cards should be ready to be cut.

Step 4: Cut out the design you created using cookie cutters and punch a hole in the top. To do this, trace a shape on your paper with a pencil using cookie cutters. To hang from your gift, twine your tag to the twine. You could also create some miniature gift cards and affix your tag to them using a paper binder.

Recycle your paper scraps by planting them in your garden or a planter to grow your own wildflowers instead of throwing them away after cutting.

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