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Enjoy Full Root Access with VPS Hosting India from Serverwala

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When you are running a website with the intent of advancing it, you need a server that provides enough flexibility for hosting your website. If we talk about the shared server hosting, you get limited resources as well as restricted control over the server. On the other hand, dedicated server hosting is another extreme option that provides you complete authority over the server but at a huge cost. 

Somewhere between dedicated and shared servers while rendering the perfect balance, VPS India establishes its place. With the progress in virtualization technology, virtual private server hosting has become the most popular choice for numerous emerging web businesses. That is because VPS Hosting India is capable of serving a perfect hosting solution with the benefits of a dedicated server environment at a much lower cost.

Moreover, with Serverwala’s Cheap VPS Hosting India plans, you can gain full root access to your server at a pocket-friendly price. This will enable you to acquire many more privileges and advantages while hosting your business website on VPS. Before we decode them, let’s comprehend the working of virtual private server hosting. 

VPS Hosting Defined

VPS hosting India is defined as the method of hosting in which you share the server space with many users but achieve a private hosting environment for your business website. The physical server is virtually partitioned into multiple virtual private servers through hypervisor-based server virtualization. Each VPS functions independently and is isolated from the other. This enables you to acquire the dedicated resources for your business website with your virtual private server without having to share them. No other website can have access to them even if you are not utilizing them at any moment. Thus, you can ensure high resource availability for your website with VPS hosting. 

Also, as mentioned earlier, you can acquire full root access to your server with the VPS hosting India. So, let’s get insights into what does root access means and what advantages it serves in the subsequent section. 

What does Root Access mean in VPS Hosting?

The root access in the virtual private server hosting implies administrator access. Anyone having root access to the server gets the right to modify, move, discard, or add files. You can run and access your server unhindered and unrestricted by the provider. The requirement for root access comes from the demand of system administrators desiring full control over the server. Unlike shared server hosting services, many hosting companies like Serverwala permits you full root access to your virtual private server. Check out below how VPS root access can make a lot of sense while hosting your growing business website. 

Advantages of Root Access with VPS Hosting India


The VPS hosting India comes with a private and isolated hosting platform. This makes it difficult for the third party to interfere with your system and website’s data. However, there can still be chances of security threats due to the involvement of the information transactions between you and your customers or website’s visitors. The root access allows you to install further security layers including antivirus software, firewalls, etc., in order to ensure complete data protection. Furthermore, you can also customize the security configurations and even modify system files to maintain the right balance between optimal performance and robust security. 


Without root access, you acquire restrained control over how you can host your business website. You are required to get consent from your web hosting provider for most changes needed to be done. This becomes time-consuming as you wait for your hosting provider to permit changes. Whereas when you get root access with the VPS hosting India, you get the freedom to do whatever is required at any point in time. Thus, you become capable of saving a lot of time.  

High flexibility

The other crucial advantage of obtaining root access with the VPS hosting India is the high flexibility you gain in operating the server. You get the opportunity to install the compatible operating system, desired applications, and other needed software. You can easily configure your server system settings as and when needed. Moreover, you get the possibility to make your server function in the best way possible for the seamless performance of your business website. 

Serverwala provides Complete Root Access with VPS Hosting India

VPS Hosting India from Serverwala with Full Root Access

To enjoy full root access with the Best VPS Hosting India, we can suggest you go with Serverwala hosting company without a second thought. The Serverwala hosting company is among the top-leading and renowned organizations all over the globe. You will acquire the twenty-times faster VPS speed with the support of a consistent network, robust connectivity, and enterprise-grade hardware. Also, you will attain the following further perks for your business website with the Serverwala VPS hosting India – 

  • 24/7/365 Technical assistance and customer support
  • Low-cost, simple licensing
  • SSL certificate
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Self-service portal
  • 99.99% Uptime guarantee
  • Cheapest price for each VPS hosting plan or package
  • High scalability
  • DDoS protection and many more. 

Summing Up

The only drawback that comes with root access is the power. That is because if you are now completely aware of what you are doing, you can end up destroying or altering critical files without any restoring option left. Fortunately, Serverwala hosting company also offers fully managed and coordinated VPS hosting services for you to combat such issues. Reach out to the company’s website serverwala.com and gather more details about its hosting plans.

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