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Make delicious cocktails with San Pellegrino blood orange

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Have you been looking for a perfect beverage that refreshes your moods and gives you an enlightening experience? If yes, your search ends here. The San Pellegrino blood orange sparkling beverage offers you a delightful taste along with providing you a sun-ripened orange flavor. It is a traditional Italian beverage made with an intense combination of sparkling water and blood orange juice. Rossa offers you a rich and tangy flavor of orange with a delicate finish of bright citrus. It is a ready-to-drink beverage, and you can enjoy its flavor the minute you get it in your hand. However, many people and expert chefs like to blend this sparkling water with delicious cocktails. It gives them a twist of tangy orange mixed perfectly with other fruity flavors. If you also want to enjoy this beverage in your cocktails, keep on reading for striking combinations. 

It is a famous Italian sparkling water featuring fruit juice and delightful ingredients. While using the regular oranges in the cocktails can be tedious, adding blood orange sparkling water can bring some excitement. There are various ways you can play with this sparkling water and can bring out unique cocktails. Blood orange sparkling water gives a vibrant and deep flavor to liqueurs and other drinks. To beautifully mixing it up with various drinks, go through the recipes below. 

  • Blood Orange Margarita

The combination of San Pellegrino sparkling water and Campari transform the classic margarita of lime juice, tequila, and simple syrup into an undiscovered cocktail. The ingredients you need for this are: 

Put some salt under the rocks glass and fill it with ice, and set aside. Add the rest of the ingredients into the mixer with ice and shake it. Now pour it into the prepared rock glass, and your beverage is ready to serve.

  • Colletti Royale

It is an elegant and popular Italian sparkling blood Orange beverage that you can prepare by the complex mix of Cointreau, Tequila, St-Germain, orange bitters and lime, and the San Pallerigo blood orange juice. 

Ingredients needed:

  • Reposado Tequila
  • Cointreau
  • St-Germain
  • Blood orange Juice
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Orange bitters
  • Rose Champagne
  • Blood orange wheel

Shake all the ingredients in a shaker without adding the champagne. Blend all of them with ice until the mixture is well chilled. Pour it into a wine glass that is filled with fresh ice. Now top it with champagne and garnish your cocktail glass with a Blood Orange wheel. It’s ready! 

You can mix the San Pellegrino blood orange juice in a lot of other recipes. It has a rich, fruity flavor that goes well with cocktails. Other flavored sparkling water brands do not have the real taste of fruits, but this one has it! For a rich and natural fruity flavor, go with this sparkling orange water.  

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