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Merino wool sweaters: the perfect innerwear not only in winter

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The merino wool innerwear sweaters are thin thanks to the particular fineness of the fiber (the most precious wool is the one defined as superfine and is considered as such if the average diameter of the fiber is less than 19.5 thousandths of a millimeter), pleasant to the touch and extremely comfortable . This is possible because merino wool is able to guarantee adequate thermal insulation in cold periods and an exclusive transpiring power in warmer periods.

Merino Wool – Characteristics & Beneficial Properties

Merino wool is a very fine type of wool obtained from the fleece of the homonymous breed of sheep (Ovis Aries). Much thinner than that of less valuable breeds, merino wool represents about half of the types of wool obtained from existing sheep species and is one of the most used in the production of clothing, especially innerwear.

The sheep from which the precious merino wool fibers are obtained are used to living in hostile environments, with strong temperature variations such as humidity, cold and proliferation of parasites. The habitat that characterizes these sheep means that merino wool thermal from men woolblend thermal supplier has truly unique characteristics.

  • Absorbent properties – the merino wool fibers are very porous and facilitate the absorption of moisture which is immediately transported to the outside. The hygroscopic qualities of this fine wool are combined with the anti-stagnation properties, the latter attributable to lanolin, which allow the skin to always remain dry, even when sweating is abundant.
  • Suffice it to say that merino wool sweaters can absorb moisture up to 33% of their weight without giving any sensation of wetness on the skin.
  • Isothermal properties – merino wool has a high insulating power. This is why it is incorrect to say that wool “warms”, but it is more correct to say that it is capable of maintaining the temperature of the body it comes into contact with.
  • Anti – mite effect – merino wool has a very dense structure with a hair pattern that prevents the penetration and accumulation of dust and dirt. Added to this is the ability of this particular wool to keep the temperature unchanged (neither too hot nor too cold) thus preventing the creation of an environment favorable to the proliferation of parasites.
  • Anti-decubitus effect – this effect is given by the air chambers that characterize merino wool and which act as real “shock absorbers”. Basically, wool creates few points of contact with the skin so that blood circulation is favored.

Merino wool has unparalleled characteristics that lead to experimenting with different advantages for those who choose to wear innerwear made with these precious fibers. For example, merino wool brings benefits in terms of relaxation and good sleep through a continuous micromassage action: the fleece system forms micro tips of very soft wool that move delicately in contact with the body and exert a very delicate pressure, a little as happens with orthopedic footwear.

Among the benefits of merino wool, we must not forget the hypoallergenic power. As previously mentioned, the merino wool fibers prevent the passage of mites and parasites, therefore they are particularly suitable for the creation of dermoprotective sweaters. Woolen thermal wear for womens manufacturers provide the best quality of Merino wool.

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