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The Ultimate New Year Present for your Animal Lover Kin

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A lot more comedians are coming out with pet-related content, cracking jokes about pet lovers, and their tendency to treat those non-pet loving friends like entirely crazy people who don’t understand the love for one’s pets. If you fall under that category of a friend who’s never followed their love for one’s pets, here’s an attempt to try and understand it. Show your friend some love this Christmas season by appreciating and understanding their passion for their pets. This can be done easily with custom pet portraits in Australia! 

If you ever ask your friend why they love their pets, here’s what you’d most likely hear them say: their lives are incomplete without their dog. Their dogs are the most loving beings who just want company and nothing more in return. They treat you like family and expect only love in return. 

Possible health benefits of owning a pet, especially pet dogs, are: 

  1. A decrease in the levels of cortisol being pumped in the body. Cortisol is a stress-related hormone. Cortisol is produced in the adrenal gland, and an increase in the levels of cortisol in the body can wreak havoc. Too much cortisol in the body means that the body is going through so much stress. These added levels of stress usually have bad health symptoms such as; gaining excessive weight, acne, thin, delicate, and brittle skin. Chances are the body can easily bruise, and people can even experience muscle weakness. Along with all these signs, they also show increased levels of irritability. Interacting with pets, especially dogs, can bring down these stress hormones. Maybe that’s the reason your friend is more loving. 
  2. Researchers are also spending considerable time researching how interaction with animals can develop a growing child’s holistic development. Research seems to show that specially-abled children who might be autistic and suffer from symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are showing more significant levels of improvement in their daily life; as a result of human-animal interaction. 
  3. Over the years and ages, animals have shown their faithfulness to humankind by being a source of comfort and support. Dogs especially are very alert beings. They are watchful of the changes occurring around you and treat you accordingly. 
  4. Children who grew up with pets at home also showed a better sense of social skill and adaptability. They become more open to sharing, cooperating, and even volunteering to do more tasks than assigned to them. Go for dog paintings in Australia if you want to surprise your friends who are pet lovers.

If you can’t already tell, these are the few ways how owning a pet changes one’s life for the better. So, this year, this Christmas or new year eve, if you know of friends who have lost their pets recently, look through their social media for a picture of their dog, submit them to websites that specialize in making dog canvas paintings, dog portrait painting, or hand-painted dog portraits and even custom dog portraits and give them back the joy they once had when they still had their pets around. 

Bring back to memory and memorialize memories of their pets passed away or still living. They will appreciate it more than anything. 

And in case you have little kids of your own, and they are growing up without a pet, be sure to introduce your family with a new pet this season. It is truly the season to be happy — gift them the joy of owning pets by giving back the memories through paintings. 

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