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Tips on Extending Your Home Appliances’ Lifespan

Nowadays, our lives are unmistakably ruled, if not dominated by appliances of various kinds that make it way easier and more comfortable for us to finish our daily chores. These house appliances are there to save us time as well as make our life much more efficient as well as convenient. However, they do come within a period of Guarantee which means that after providing services for a fairly good amount of time, we might need to replace these pieces of appliances we have in our houses. However, there are a lot of appliances on rent in the market and you can actually choose among them to experience if worrying about the maintenance is a little bit too much for you.

However, here are some tips on how we can actually increase their longevity and period of usage. 

  • For a refrigerator, you might want to use a cloth that’s soft enough and approved cleaner liquids to clean the inner decks of the refrigerator. You also have to clean the refrigerator coils regularly. You can use a vacuum cleaner for that purpose. Do it at least once every year, or just avail cleaning services from your service provider. Cleanse the dust tray and debris which is set under the fridge.


  • When it comes to a washing machine, you should be careful to remove lint that’s piled up within your washing machine after each and every cycle. Such lint can easily clog into the drainage pipes and hoses that are connected to the machine. Moreover, lint can cause serious damage to the motor, drum, and vent pipe. You have to maintain the hoses of your washing machine leak-proof. Make sure they never stay clogged. Always wash your clothes as a full load while using the washing machine. This markedly extends the lifespan of your washing machine. You can always get a washing machine on rent if maintaining one seems too much for you.


  • Water heaters sure come in handy in winters. In order to maintain one, you need to make sure that you don’t let the sediments that are left with water get built within the water heater. Thus, you have to actually flush out all of the water to the full capacity of your water heater at least once every year in order to keep it clean, as sediments might act as insulators which will produce excessive unnecessary heating leading to damage to the coil. If it seems too much to do, you can always opt for experts to get a hassle-free cleaning schedule. Also, it’s better to replace the anode rod, by hiring a professional in between every four years in order to get an uninterrupted service.


  • Almost everybody uses dryers nowadays. Basically, they are usually of two types, either electrically operated or gas-powered. However, each of them can be used for the same amount of time. The average lifespan of a good dryer is up to fourteen years. While cleaning them, you should use really mild detergent and water to cleanse the dryer drum. You should do it more regularly in order to keep it free from dust, lint, and debris. You should pay attention to wiping out the outside of the dryer with lukewarm water and a soft towel or such.


With bits of hacks and clever ideas and of course, regular maintenance, it is possible to make your appliances last long. This saves not only money, but also tons of energy. Thus, start from today itself and make the most of your gadgets and appliances.



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