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Top Characteristics of a Good Influencer


Every time we open a social media platform, we see tons of influencers sharing content with passion in their eyes. What seems like an easy challenge for the viewers actually takes a lot of preparation and production.


The 15-30 seconds reels on Instagram sometimes take over a month for the creator to perform, edit and share. Many such talents go unnoticed most of the time, yet they persevere! An influencer is more than just a pretty face lipsyncing the viral music.

Here are some of the fine qualities good influencers have,

Know thy place

With great power comes greater responsibilities. And it is not way untrue when it comes to influencers’ lives. You are aware that your words matter and leave an impact on the viewers. Hence, most of the time, an influencer is careful with their choice audience


Since the influencer is a trustworthy source of information, you automatically become thought leaders for a good chunk of the public. You are obliged to share their content on different platforms to reach more audiences.


Tip: One quality way to get in touch with the audience on a more personal level is by email. Emails build an intimate connection between the influencers and the general public.


Find their email contacts using GetEmail.io. This email search tool comes with a chrome extension to LinkedIn and Gmail accounts and makes it easy for you to get emails.


Get technologically smart

Being on par with the technology trends and sharing it with the audience leads to two crucial advantages.

You attract the audience, so they learn new things.

You entice the corporations to be a part of their influencer marketing strategies.

The visuals you use and the tech-savvy products you include during the process set trends for others to follow. It is a win-win situation for the influencer. Thus, ensure that your posts look qualitative to increase your engagement.

Consistency & creativity

These two are significant factors of audience connection. Of course, the public wants to see more of you & your creativity, and they want it regularly. As an influencer, you need to brainstorm for content and produce it accordingly.

First things first, take some time to understand your niche. Then, map the others that are relevant to your niche. This way, you build a plethora of content that the audience will never be bored of. It also offers your opportunities to evolve as a content creator.



What separates the modern-day influencer from a traditional one is the ability to engage with the audience. In the good olden days, you could get a sneak-peek of the celebrity’s lives when they gave an interview to the newspaper, a magazine or a television channel.

Engaging with the followers means that you chat with them on live podcasts, share their content on your stories and give them a shout out on the posts. The communication channels are limitless. Hence, offering the audience an opportunity to connect well with their influencer!

Final thoughts


Though tiresome, the influencer’s life is fulfilling because it lets you get in touch with the followers. A few make such sweet gestures that leave you speechless and fuel your passion to do more of what you love!


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