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Ways to Wear Knee Sleeves

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Are you reading this because you have a pair of knee sleeves that are tight and impossible to get over? Well, even I have been there. Also, I feel you might be reading this with a knee sleeve stuck halfway on your leg and you are also frustrated about it. A lot of blood flow has been stuck in one area of the feet. I bet you on this, it is completely normal. So, let us check out the best measures for efficiently putting on knee sleeves. For the people who are in a hurry and cannot feel their toes anymore, let us get on the board for putting those sleeves on.

The best measure to wear the women’s crossfit knee sleeves is to move the sleeves to the foot, then fold the top and bottom half of the sleeve to the leg up. Now, slide the fingers to the bottom area of the sleeve and pull up as high as possible. As and when you feel the sleeve not moving anymore, then unfold the sleeve so that it covers the kneecap completely. There are many other good ways of getting knee sleeves on if you have the correct material on hand. We will go towards each way with in-depth steps and offer additional tips about the same.

Fold and Pull Method 

This method needs most of the brutal force for getting the knee sleeves on. Have you imagined yourself making a maximum effort deadlift every time you want to wear your knee sleeves, well, that is how the same method feels. The benefit of putting the knee sleeves in this way is no requirement for extra equipment. If you are already at the gym, then this method will suffice. The basic steps involve sliding the knee sleeve over the foot and ankle so that the complete length of the sleeve rests on the shin area. Then, you will want to fold the top of the knee sleeve downwards until and unless it is halfway to the length of the sleeve. 

Next, you have to fold the bottom of the knee sleeve for meeting the other fold. Till this point in time, all that is left to do is pull up the knee sleeve as if your life depends upon it. Now, move your fingers below the sleeve and begin yanking. Whenever it is secured in the right place, make sure to unfold the knee sleeve, and guess what? You are all set to squat! You can also check out the women’s weighted vest at our online store. 

Long Sock Method 

Undoubtedly, the bare legs can bring in too much friction whenever trying to pull up knee sleeves. If you are done with the warming up and your legs are sweaty, then the knee sleeves are nearly impossible to get on to. Or, in case your legs are hair, then the sleeves will pull and rip the leg hair. The leggings and the long sock method completely lower down the friction by turning it easy and less painful for putting the sleeves on. The tips are similar to folding and pulling, except if you are wearing long knee-high socks even the deadlift socks can also work or leggings. Or if you are wearing a pair of leggings then, make sure they are tight because the loose leggings will begin to get stuck under the sleeves as you start pulling. Soon after, you will feel irritated and get stuck in taking off the sleeves and wearing them again. 

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