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Whitney Scott Mathers – Age – Bio – Networth

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Do you know about Whitney Scott Mathers? Not yet? Don’t worry, we are here to tell you all about Whitney Scott Mathers!

Whitney Scott Mathers is none other than the daughter of Eminem, the Rap God. Eminem likes to keep his life private. That’s why there’s very little information about Whitney Scott Mathers on the internet. Let’s check out a few interesting facts like net worth, bio and other things about Whitney Scott Mathers.

Did you know that Whitney Scott Mathers is not the biological daughter of Eminem? She was adopted when young. She is 18 years young now. Her nickname is Whitney and she’s enjoying her childhood. She was born on April 16, 2002, in St. Joseph, Missouri, United States. She studies in a high school in Missouri and her zodiac sign is Aries. You can find her on Instagram at @whitneyscotts. Her biological father is Eric Hartter and Eminem is her Step-father. Her mother’s name is Kimberly Anne Scott. Her grandfather’s name is Sylvester Union. She is single. Her sibling’s names are Hailie Jade, Alaina Marie Mathers. Kimberly Anne Scott is Eminem’s ex-wife and after the divorce with Eminem, Kim started a relationship with Eric Hartter. However, her real father was a tattoo artist and a drug addict. He didn’t play an important part in her life. He didn’t see him while she was a baby. In 2019, Eric died of drug overdose and Whitney was adopted by Eminem. Thus, Whitney is now with her beloved father and two sisters.

Eminem has loved Anne since high school. They met in their high school. He became good friends with Kim and Dawn Scott. One day both the sisters ran away from home because of their abusive father. Eminem and his mother welcomed both of them at their home. He was just 15 at that time. After that, he came into an off and on relationship with Kim. They got married in 1999. Haile was their first-born daughter and she came into this world in 1995. Then, they got divorced in 2001. However, they remarried again in 2006 and again got divorced after some time. Whitney came into his world after the divorce. As Kim was also a drug addict, it wasn’t very easy for her to take care of her daughter. She even got arrested for drug possession. Eminem gave Whitney a chance to live a happy and peaceful life by adopting her.

Whitney has two sisters. One is Alaina and the other Hailie. Hailie Jade is the only biological daughter of Kim and Anne. Whitney also has a very good relationship with Hailie. Alaina is their cousin and she lives with them. She is the daughter of Kim’s sister who died of a drug overdose. Eminem has raised three of them like his own daughters. These three daughters are the apple of his eyes. He loves his daughters so much that he even mentioned their names in his music productions. There are many songs when you’ll hear their names. That’s how he loves them. His love for his daughters is pure and holy.

Whitney’s love life is not something that we’re sure of. She was in a relationship with a guy in 2019. However, later she deleted all her pictures with him. Lately, she came out as bisexual in her Instagram post. She was really delightful in telling the world about her bisexuality. She is a proud member of the LGBT community.

Her net worth is still not in existence. She is still a student studying in high school. Her father’s income is $210 million. She lives a luxurious life with her sisters. She also enjoys going out to luxurious concerts. The real name of her father is Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Eminem is 48 years young. Plus, she has lots of followers on Instagram. Whitney has expressed in many places and many interviews that her father is a great dad. Whitney lives with her father in Michigan. Whitney wears braces. Her sister, Hailie is 21 years old and Alaina is 25 years old. Whitney’s biological father died of a drug overdose long back. That’s why Eminem rescued her. Plus, he got custody because her mother was charged in a drug case.

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