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What are the uses of barcodes in daily life?

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Barcode is formed according to specific rules that depend on the type of bar code. The bar code is printed as a symbol directly on the packaging or on the label. The product marked in this way goes to the distribution network all the way to the final point of sale in the store where it is scanned or read with appropriate equipment and decoded from the code form in the human eye recognizable information.

Inventory Management

Bar codes are used in different parts of the business: warehouse, store, production, and service. Reading product data from the EAN barcode reduces the possibility of the error caused by the human factor. The seller at the store’s cash register reads the data of the product that the customer brought to the cash register. Reading product data is faster than typing the product code. If scales are included in the system, then the weighed goods are marked at least with a sticker that accurately records the weight and value of the weighed goods at the cash register.

Know about the measurements about the product

There are scales in self-service stores where the customer measures the weight of the desired goods and after weighing sticks a label with a bar code on the bag in which the goods are. This bag is checked at the checkout by reading the bar code and weighing the so-called. “check-out scales” (compare value and weight) and the customer is issued an invoice. If the customer wants to check the price of the product on the shelf he does not have to look for any of the staff. It is enough to take the desired product, take it to the bar code reader and immediately get accurate information about the product.

Track the package or product with barcodes

When receiving a product in a warehouse or store, it is possible to immediately determine whether a particular product is already recorded in the information system. If not, the system will not recognize the read product, which is a signal that new product data needs to be entered into the system. The inventory of the warehouse/store / fixed assets does not require multiple manual copying and harmonization of data on the determined condition, but the data on products are immediately read and transferred to the information system.

The Inventory Commission gets handheld computers with bar code readers. At the locations, they read the product barcode and enter the determined quantities. You can get the barcodes from Barcode maker Online. Upon completion of the inventory, data is automatically transferred from handheld computers to the information system, which enables a much faster inventory process.

In the production process, bar codes enable precise tracking of realization by component. Production technologists enter bar code items when forming a component. At the time of issue, the bar codes of the items from the component are read in the warehouse. In production, when performing work on the component, the bar codes are read again, which performs additional control and reduces the possibility of error.

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