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Who Is Karis Jagger – Daughter of Marsha Hunt and Mick Jagger

We all know who Karis Jagger is? Right! She is a well-known daughter of Mick Jagger and Marsha Hunt. Mick Jagger is the popular singer and one of the founding members of The Rolling Stones. It’s an english popular rock band. This is why Mick Jagger and his kids are very popular.

Let’s figure out some fascinating facts about Karis Jagger 

You know what when you’re born in a celebrity family, you become a celebrity right from your birth. From the day she was born, she became the daughter of the popular and legendary English singer and actor, Mick Jagger. She was born in 1970 and she’s been in the limelight since then. Her dad is a famous singer and an artist.  He is the co-founder of the Rolling Stones which is an english rock band. She rose to fame at the time of her birth and wears many hats. She rose to fame when she was casted in the movie ‘Sweet November’, ‘Man on the Moon’, ‘Rainmaker’. She supports various philanthropic causes. She is a boon to society. 

Karis Jagger is 51 years old as of 2021 – She was born on November 4,1970. She was born in London, England. As of June, she is 50 years old. Her nationality is British. Her birth sign is scorpio. There are many half siblings such as Jade, Elizabeth, Gabriel, Lucas, Maurice, Deveraux, Octavian. Nobody exactly knows which school she attended, however most probably she studied in Bedales School in Hampshire for high school studies. She enrolled at Yale university and graduated in modern history. 

She is born in a celebrity family – Kris Jagger was born into a celebrity middle class family. Who is her mom and dad? Marsha Hunt is her mother and she is a popular singer, actress, former model and novelist. She has written three novels. Plus, she has authored three volumes of autobiogrpahies based on her real life cancer experience. Mick Jagger is her dad and he has written many songs  and has become worldwide fame as the lead singer and one of the founding members of the Rolling Stones. 

She was disowned by her dad, Mick Jagger once – Marsha came into the limelight when they had their first child, Kris. Marsha Hunt had Kris with Mick Jagger. That’s when their child came into the limelight. When she was around two years old, her mom Marsha Hunt filed for an affiliation order in the court.

Summary of Marsha Hunt 

Marsha Hunt 

IntroAmerican film, theater, and television actress
A.K.AMarcia Virginia Hunt
IsActor Stage actor Television actor Film actor
FromUnited States of America
TypeFilm, TV, Stage & Radio
Birth17 October 1917, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA
Age103 years
Star signLibra
ResidenceSherman Oaks, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, USA
PoliticsDemocratic Party
FamilySpouse: Jerry Hopper (1938-1945)
EducationHorace Mann School

Summary of Mick Jagger – Bio

Mick Jagger

BirthdayJuly 26, 1943
FamousLondon School Of Economics (LSE), Musicians, Singers, Rhythm & Blues Singers, Rock Singers, Hard Rock Singers, ISFP
SpousesJerry Hall
SiblingsChris Jagger
Known asSir Michael Philip Jagger
ChildrensElizabeth Jagger, Gabriel Jagger, Georgia Jagger, Jade Jagger, Jim Jagger, Karis Jagger, Lucas Maurice Jagger
UniversitiesLondon School Of Economics
Notable AlumnisLondon School Of Economics
Birth PlaceDartford, Kent, England, United Kingdom
FatherBasil Fanshawe
MotherDavid Ernest Jagger
Net Worth$360 Million as of May 18,2017
Sun SignLeo
Born inDartford, Kent, England, United Kingdom
Famous asSinger, Musician

Height:5′ 10″ (1.78 m)
Weight:64 kg; In pounds: 142 lbs.
Education:Wentworth Primary School, Dartford Grammar School, and the London School of Economics and Political Science
Marital Status:Divorced. Previously married to Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias (from 1971 until 1978)
Parents:Basil Fanshawe Jagger and Eva Ensley Mary Scutts
Siblings:Chris Jagger
Birth Place:Dartford, Kent, England
Ethnicity:English and Cornish

Everything About Kris Jagger 


Kris Jagger is the daughter of the greatest performers of all time. Mick Jagger is the leading singer of the Rolling stones. After the couple divorced, the baby’s mom, Jagger denied paternity. Karis has seven half siblings as well. This is from her father’s numerous relationships. In the professional world, Karis was an actress before she volunteered for numerous positions. This was the time when she learned about her long term marriage with her husband i.e. Jonathan M. Watson. Karis Hunt Jagger was born on November 4, 1970 in New York. Isn’t it a wonderful city to be born in? Her surname hunt is derived from the word hunta i.e. hunter.  Karis is a Greek word that means graceful. It also means phonetic.  Do you know that karis grew up in a middle class family. A family where children grow up to become something big. They dream big and have many dreams in their eyes. As a child, she was very fond of traveling and acting.

So, she grew up as a celebrity raised in a middle class household. Mick Jagger was well known and Marsha Hunt is also a popular actress, singer, novelist and a former model. Jagger has around 7 half siblings – Jade, James, Elizabeth, Georgia, Lucas Maurice Morad, Gabriel, Deverauz Octavian Jagger. The last of her siblings was born on 8 December, 2016.  After two uyeras, Mick’s grandchild was born on May 19, 2014. This child was from Jade’s daughter assisi. 

Karis Hunt Jagger was a gifted and talented student in school. Today, she is 50 years young. Her height is 5ft 10 inches. She is a gorgeous tall lady. Her weight is however unknown. She has dark eyes and her hair is long and black. That’s why she looks so stunning. Unfortunately, any other information about her physical appearance remains unknown. There’s not much information about her size on the Internet. She is also not very active on social media platforms. If you’ve ever listened to the hit songs of The Rolling Stones, you’ll realize that  Brown Sugar is a song that’s inspired by Karis’s mom, Marsha Hunt. There are 3 autobiographies written by her that recites her true encounter of the breast cancer journey that she has been through. Mick and Marsha always intended to have Karis only, but they had no intention to make other kids. 

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