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Experts Discuss How to Use Table Runners for Pepping up Your Dining Table Décor

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Table runners are certainly an effective and easy way of dressing up a table. They are available in a broad spectrum of colors, fabrics, sizes, and designs. According to Forbes, while decorating and dressing up a table, many designers prefer to follow traditional styles. There are, however, some others who have a preference for breaking the mold and try something innovative instead. 

If you think carefully and if you have a robust sense of design, the resultant table layout is going to be a source of immense joy for you and your guests. You could infuse a meaningful touch and end up creating an intimate ambiance for extending a warm welcome to all your guests. Focus on choosing table décor items carefully just the same way as an artist while trying to create a still-life painting.

Strategically Placed Lengthwise

The most popular way of using a table runner is by placing it all across the middle of your dining table running lengthwise. It helps in providing a perfect path for placing serving dishes in a straight line or keeping multiple centerpieces. The table runner could be used effectively for safeguarding the tabletop from melting candle wax, heat, moisture, and food drippings, or accidental spills.

Placed Across the Width of the Table

You may use slightly smaller and narrower table runners and place them widely across your dining table just in front of all your chairs. Remember these short runners could be used instead of placemats. They could help in separating each place setting.

Using Table Runners Along with Usual Table Linens

You may decorate your tablescape by using placemats along with your custom table runner, provided the placemats are of the same fabric, texture, pattern, or color of the runner so that they complement one another well. You may use a tablecloth under the runner depending on how formal or informal the setting is and the kind of table you are trying to dress up. If the tabletop has ornate decorative features such as an inlaid tile, avoid using a table cover. Always remember that the runner should necessarily stand out from the tablecloth. It should not be of the same color as the tablecloth. Moreover, make sure that it is not identical to your tablecloth.

Choosing the Right Textures & Fabrics

Table runners are available in a host of fabrics. You should opt for the right fabric that complements your home décor theme and helps to boost the overall aesthetic ambiance of your dining room. The texture, pattern, and color of your table runner should match, contrast, or complement well with the tabletop or table cloth placed underneath and the style and décor of your room.


You may consider using rich, lustrous, and smooth fabrics like polyester, silk, satin, or organza for formal occasions. It is best to stick to coarse, natural, and dense fabrics, such as cotton, twill, and even cotton blends for casual or informal use. Table décor is all about following your instincts. Trends are good but not the sole determining factor while choosing the best fabric for your table runners. Always focus on parameters like the specific occasion, overall home décor, and also your budget.

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