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Curate a Beautiful Wood Log Planter by Tapping Into These Ideas



Making your own rustic log planter is an excellent method to recycle deadwood. It will also provide a great deal of visual interest to your yard. Building one of these planters is the way to go if you’re already working with a rustic design concept. However, not everyone has the time to make the log planter. So, many people buy a wood log planter for their favorite plants.


Let’s know some incredible ideas to design the classic log planter! 


Idea 1: High-Spirited Red Petunias

The petunia is one of the most simple flowers to grow, and when you select bright, eye-catching colors, you’ll have the perfect garden show. It also doesn’t harm to put them in an upward yet hollowed-out log planter.


Idea 2: Little Rustic Log Planter with Succulents

Succulents can even be grown in wooden log planters! Succulents are one of the most popular plants to grow in log planters since they require very little care. You can grow a single type of succulent or a mixture for an eye-catching display.


Idea 3: Basic Hollow Log Planter

This wooden log planter is both lovely and straightforward. You can make it as big or as small as you want. This one is supported by extra logs to make it easier to move (but also prevent it from sliding about when in use).


Idea 4: Fluorescence Flowers in Rustic Log Planter

This wood planter adds just the right amount of interest to a basic white background. Rustic planters like this can be seen in a variety of architectural styles, from antique to contemporary.


Idea 5: Driftwood Log Planter

We’ve already shown you how to grow succulents in a log planter, but did you know that driftwood may also be used? To make your planter, you don’t need to buy a flawless log. Even a piece of driftwood found washed up on the beach would serve.


What’s Inside the Log?

If you’ve ever wondered what’s inside the log planters look like before the soil and plants are added, look no further! A hollowed-out tree stump serves as the basis for this rustic log planter. It’s a dead log that may have been lying around your yard.




Idea 6: Distressed Log Planter

It’s better if you’re distressed! That is unless you want to make your own rustic wood planter. This one-of-a-kind log makes an excellent backdrop for succulents, cactus, and other plants. It has a lot of personalities and will be the center of attention in your backyard!


Idea 7: Dense Planting in Horizontal Log Planter

Here’s another method to use a rustic log planter to grow brilliant red petunias! Petunias don’t mind being crowded, so use that to your advantage by planting them in a wooden log planter like this one.


Idea 8: Uplifted Rustic Log Planter

Although log planters are attractive, they can be challenging to maintain if you have to weed, fertilize, and care for your plants while crawling around on the ground. This wood planter addresses the issue by raising the planting area – and isn’t it lovely?


These are some incredible ideas that you can use to decorate the wood planter.


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