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An Ultimate Guide to Understanding Everything About Melange Yarn

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Traditionally, the term melange is used for yarns that are made using a fine combination of two different fibers. Apart from this, all coloured and grey melange yarns can be categorized into two basic types of knitting yarn or weaving yarn. 

The Two Vastly Categorized Melange Yarns: 

  • Blended Melange Yarn – When two types of fibers are blended together in a fixed ratio, they are known as blended melange yarn—for example, polyester cotton blend. 
  • Non-blended Melange Yarn – the types of yarn where there are no different blended yarns together; they are known as non-blended melange yarn. 

Melange yarns, also known as Heathers. In fact, they are a dramatic mix of a variety of types of fibers that magically blend together to create a wonderful texture that is woven together and forms a knit. These types of yarn are extremely popular as a result of their attractive yet tied fabric structure. The wavy effect that is created because of the use of different fabrics blended together, and a wide range of color tones available make it extremely popular among knit wearers. All of these qualities not only make it popular among those who love knitwear, but they’re also popularly used in making all types of clothing such as T-shirts, trousers, undergarments, bed sheets, and curtains. In fact, they are also popularly used to make swimwear. Truly a shocker!

The Different Features of Melange Yarn:

  • Fashion – because of the multiple uses of different kinds of fabric, this type of yarn is very popular as they create natural blend fabrics that look rich and have a wide variety of color options. It is soft and tender.
  • Environmentally friendly – they are a dyed product meaning that the various parts of the fibers used are pre-died together and then spun to farm the yard. This process saves a lot of water consumption. 
  • Technology – the dying process used to make this yarn involves a high level of technological fiber dyes, color matching, et cetera. This makes the process error-free and produces the results that the customer truly desires.

The Various Applications of Melange Yarn:

These types of yarns are used heavily in the weft knitting industry. Knitting machines and winding machines are perfect for using these yarns. They can be used to make a variety of items such as innerwear, underwear, casual wear, sportswear, business wear, and all other types of clothing.

Normally these yarns are made into two different kinds of blends: 

The type of blend of yarn formed depends on the percentage of the shade and the Phiber used. Broadly, they are categorized into two different kinds of blends:

  • Blow Room Blend

  • Drawing Blend. 

These are all the essential things that one must know about Melange Yarn before you go into mass production or mass-consumption of materials made using this yarn. 

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