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Guide to Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance


Commercial vehicles are a significant part of your business or production. It’s the responsibility of the owner to have a safe insurance policy that brings fruitful results in undemanding situations. Thanks to commercial insurance as it secures the insured from property damage & liability occurred from the use of the vehicle.

Whether you rented your vehicle for commercial purpose or using it for your own business, it’s essential to have commercial insurance. Ensure it will not cover under personal car insurance. Get professional help to protect your business assets.

What does Commercial Insurance Cover?

Insurance cover several situations; it’s better to communicate to the insurer or agent before buying the policy to make the agreement transparent & clear. You have the options to go for specific coverages which is suitable in your case. Let’s know what insurance cover:

  • Bodily injury of the third party in the business hours due to vehicle
  • Property damage 
  • Personal injury while driving the vehicle for commercial purpose
  • Medical expenses due to the use of a vehicle

These are some main coverages that give you a better idea. Hence, there are still extensive coverages under heavy commercial vehicle insurance, kindly talk to the insurance provider.

How does Insurance Work?

It depends on the owner to get commercial vehicle insurance for a single vehicle or group of vehicles. As already mentioned one can adjust the policy according to their personal circumstances. 

One can file a claim in case the damage to the vehicle is due to a natural disaster. The compensation may include the cost of repairs. In case damage to the third party where your driver found guilty, then settlement is limited to the policy. That means it covers all costs of the claim.

When do I need commercial insurance?

One needs to have commercial auto insurance when the vehicle is used for business purposes. Insurance cover any vehicle that has a commercial license tag or plate even registered for an organization objective. It’s vital to get insurance when your employee is hired to drive the vehicle for making deliveries, driving people to the airport, or for any commercial reason. 

Below is the short-list include the functions that require the use of a vehicle and need to have coverage:

  • Vehicles that carry machinery or equipment
  • Carry flammable material or any hazardous items that have a high chance of accidents or damages
  • Vehicle use for the transportation of cranes, ploughs, etc. 

Compare policy and rates and find the best insurer provider fr your heavy commercial auto vehicle.

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