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Deciding to install a digital adoption platform (DOP) is an important step for companies that want to improve their product for a better user experience. But it can be challenging to choose the best platform from many options available. The question may arise that is it better to go with Walkme or with one of its competitors? In this article, we have discussed several walkme competitors. Just go through it.

  • Whatfix: Whatfix in the digital world is considered as the leading SaaS-based platform that seamlessly integrates with the application of a company to offer step-by-step walk-through and self-help materials so that companies can know the role of users in their application. At the time of need, relevant content is displayed on the application which guides and supports the users to effectively use the application. Whatfix can be used by software manufacturers to power up their software solutions as it offers incredible simplicity, intuitiveness, and personalization. By adopting whatfix, companies can build a product that provides the best experience to the customers.
  • Pendo: Pendo is the Latin word that means value. It adds value to the software by providing the required guidance to the users. It offers onboarding walk-throughs, combines in-app messaging with robust product analytics, and helps the companies to collect feedback from its users. It is designed so that app makers can better understand who is using their app, how frequently the app is being used, which features are mostly used, and which features are ignored so that the app can be upgraded to provide a better experience to the users. There is no need for coding but its installation requires a technical background.
  • Appcues: Appcues is specifically designed for empowering non-technical colleagues. It is an in-app user engagement platform that helps the app makers to design the targeted modals, guided tours, and different types of user experience without having any engineering or technical skills. Your customers will have a consistent experience no matter what their role is in your software. But this app focuses on providing guidance that is limited to onboarding rather than through ongoing training. Now companies can empower their teams to measure and improve software adoption without the help of a developer. Through this cloud platform feedback from the users can be collected, engagement of employees can be tracked and goals can be easily managed.
  • Inline Manual: Inline Manual in an app allows the companies to guide the users about their app with the help of various tours, tips, and video tutorials. You can group the users based on their behavior and send the targeted messages by a group. Inline Manual is loved by big as well as small companies as it helps the organizations to increase the number of their customers in no time and it is can be installed for any web-based product. To set up Inline Manual, a code snippet is required but after the completion of installation, no coding is required. Its simple-to-use editor allows the app makers to create product walk-throughs and announce the new features of the product.
  • Userlane: The companies that want to upgrade their products to provide the best experience to their customers then they must install Userlane. It allows the companies to message the users directly so that required support is provided to them and their reviews, complaints or suggestions can be collected easily. This application acts as one of the fastest and simplest intuitive ways for organizations to provide necessary guidance to their users for better usage of any web-based product. Userlane helps the companies to provide the same information that is desired by the customers which further improves the productivity of the product.
  • Nickelled: It is an interactive platform that offers guided walk-throughs to the users so that they can use the software effectively and efficiently. This application helps the companies to create engaging tutorials or manuals for the users which provide a better understanding of the product. It provides users instant access to the required knowledge as the created tutorials can be directly accessed from the particular website. 


Many digital platforms available in the market can be used by companies to guide the users for better usage of their products. It is just that some are easy to install and some might need technical knowledge and there is a difference in pricing.

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