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Things To Know About Diwali Celebration

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Deepawali is one of the most important celebratory events of Hindus based in any part of India or the world and usually comes every year during October or November.  It is of the same status as Christmas is to the Christians. This happy occasion is mainly marked by lightning at home and at the workplace beautifully. Most people extensively focus on creatively decorating their estates and enjoying some quality time with their near and dear ones forgetting about the stress of everyday life. They prefer to plan a surprise visit to the place of their dearest ones to share some light moments with them. Gorgeous gifts form an integral part of an annual festivity to make it truly memorable forever. They play a crucial role in sweetening the relationship between two individuals.

Not only this, these make your close ones feel the extent to which you love and feel for them that was not possible otherwise. Everyone prefers to dress in his/ her best outfits as the celebration of lights is approaching at a rapid speed.  If you are interested in knowing more facts on this topic, do not hesitate to browse through the below-mentioned points.

Lord Rama Returns To His Kingdom After A Life Of Wilderness:

The auspicious occasion of Diwali was initially celebrated to mark the return of  Lord Rama to his kingdom after spending 14 long years of wilderness to save his father “ Dasaratha” from disgrace. He was accompanied by his pious wife “ Sita” and obedient brother “ Lakshmana”. The dutiful brothers had a fierce battle with the demon king Ravana, who picked up Sita disguised as a saint and captivated her in his kingdom while alone in a hut in the dense forest. The two princes got to know about the whereabouts of the noble king Rama’s wife after getting in touch with an injured bird, who faced a tough fight against the evil demon while trying to stop the lord’s better half from being taken away.

After that, they gradually started organizing their forces for the major battle in which the demon, his close relatives, including his son, were badly defeated and finally killed by the good and well-organized army of the Lord. Get closer to your loved ones in style by presenting with practical gift items that would certainly simplify their lives to a great extent. If you are tired of entering various gift stores to find the right present for your special one, then make a point to order Diwali gifts online that would surely bring a delightful smile to every face.

All you need to do is gather ample information about the likes and dislikes of your special ones that would not be very tough if you are in touch with them for quite some time. 

Focus on picking something exclusively creative that would definitely stay in the mind of your dearest ones for years to come.

Defeat Of Naraka In The Hands Of Krishna:

Did you know the main reason behind the auspiciousness of the festival of lights? If not, then better know now that this occasion is closely associated with several big wins of good over evil as per Indian mythology. One of them is the one-sided victory of the popular Indian Lord Krishna over the notorious demon Naraka, who was considered to be extremely dangerous. The Lord declared the day to be joyously celebrated every year. 

Most Indians often tend to replace their old and efficient households with new and the latest ones that are extremely high in energy efficiency.

Distribution Of Sweets:

The festival of Diwali is often closely associated with the distribution of freshly prepared traditional Indian sweets among known ones. They are often perfect for making your loved ones feel the awesome that you have always wanted. However, today most people prefer premium chocolate boxes as a healthier alternative to the traditional sweets that are often high in artificial ingredients. Most of them come in economical packs to perfectly fit your budget. Give preference to send diwali gifts for family that perfectly match the personality of the recipients.

People worship Goddess Lakshmi and serve her with fresh fruits and delicious desserts for seeking blessing from her for a brighter future ahead.

Hope you will come to know about lesser-known facts about Diwali festivity from the above-mentioned points. 

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