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Why is Vingo the Best Indoor Cycling App?

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If you are using Vingo, the online workouts app for a while, then you must have realised by now that the app is truly the best possible one available in the market. True, there are other similar apps available, but none compare to Vingo, for the latter has some eye-catching features that takes it a class apart. This indoor cycling app is being used by a lot of people around the world and every day it is attracting many new users into it too. For those new users, we have to show them why Vingo is the best.

Vingo App Has The Best UI / UX

The app is designed to be very user friendly. The developers have made sure to design a very simple user interface so that all users across various age groups can get used to it easily. Every function is denoted with a separate button and all the features are easily accessible from the app’s home screen. This simple user interface is what gives the app a very intuitive user experience. Many users explore the app with ease and become experts in it within a day or two. There are no complicated functions and you will notice its simplicity when you install it and use it yourself.

It Is Very Easy to Install & Start Exercising

The app is available for Apple and Microsoft users in their respective App Stores. The Apple users can install it on their iPad, iPhones, and even their MacBooks, while Microsoft users can install it on all windows powered devices such as tablets and PCs. Once you install it on your smart device, you can open it up and create your Vingo account. This will give you access to the full set of features within the app. You can then start your indoor cycling journey comfortably.

There’s A Host of Features Inside the Vingo App

The best part about Vingo is the list of features added to it. Vingo houses amazing features like voice chat, which allows you to talk to fellow online cycling members in real time, the avatars feature which lets you create your digital version and upload it into the virtual world, and the virtual world itself is a masterpiece. The app is filled with scenic maps and routes that will give you a great outdoor feeling while you cycle indoors at your home. You will even forget that you are online as you immerse yourself into these maps.

Experience Social Media Connectivity at Its Finest

Vingo also has social media connectivity options like all the apps. You can connect with your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and any social media account and directly post from the app. You can post your daily progress; your weight loss goals and achievements to all your followers. You can even start your own fitness page and inspire people to work out. Or, you can even use Vingo as a jogging app by connecting it with your treadmill. Either way, you get a seamless experience that gets you fit.

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